• Golden

  1. (a.) Very precious; highly valuable; excellent; eminently auspicious; as, golden opinions.
  2. (a.) Made of gold; consisting of gold.
  3. (a.) Having the color of gold; as, the golden grain.

Advantageous, Aureate, Favorable, Favored, Fortunate, Gilded, Gilt, Gold, Halcyon, Prosperous,

• Golden-rod

  1. (n.) A tall herb (Solidago Virga-aurea), bearing yellow flowers in a graceful elongated cluster. The name is common to all the species of the genus Solidago.

• Golden-eye

  1. (n.) A duck (Glaucionetta clangula), found in Northern Europe, Asia, and America. The American variety (var. Americana) is larger. Called whistler, garrot, gowdy, pied widgeon, whiteside, curre, and doucker. Barrows golden-eye of America (G. Islandica) is less common.