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Roman Urdu


Nason Ka Arza
نسوں کا عارضہ
Sharyano Ki Sozish
شریانوں کی سوزش
Athero Sclerosis  
Salabat Sharyan
صلابت شريان
Nasoon Ki Bemari
نسوں کی بیماری

Definition & Synonyms

• Atherine

  1. (n.) A small marine fish of the family Atherinidae, having a silvery stripe along the sides. The European species (Atherina presbyter) is used as food. The American species (Menidia notata) is called silversides and sand smelt. See Silversides.

• Athermancy

  1. (n.) Inability to transmit radiant heat; impermeability to heat.

• Athermanous

  1. (a.) Not transmitting heat; -- opposed to diathermanous.

• Athermous

  1. (a.) Athermanous.

• Atheroid

  1. (a.) Shaped like an ear of grain.

• Atheroma

  1. (n.) An encysted tumor containing curdy matter.
  2. (n.) A disease characterized by thickening and fatty degeneration of the inner coat of the arteries.

• Atheromatous

  1. (a.) Of, pertaining to, or having the nature of, atheroma.