Ramiz Raja calls for complete revamp of Pakistan cricket


After Pakistan’s seventh World Cup defeat to India on Sunday night, former cricketer Ramiz Raja has called for introspection and revamping the structure of cricket in the country. Lambasting the national team’s poor showing, Raja said: “I believe it is the right time to revamp as I think Pakistan’s World Cup campaign has almost ended because their net run rate is below all other teams’ except Afghanistan.” This is Afghanistan’s second World Cup campaign. “It is very difficult for Pakistan to be among the top four teams even if they win all their remaining fixtures of the tournament,” Raja predicted. “Every defeat is followed by introspection and opportunity. Every defeat needs a change. I feel that the time has come to completely revamp Pakistan cricket. Your World Cup ends when you lose to India. And if you lose after such a no-show, then your fans will be angry with you. Your system, captaincy and skills will be challenged. When you don’t learn from your mistakes then there will be frustration,” he explained.

Raja was of the view that Pakistan needed to swap out some old players with fresh blood. “This should have been done much earlier, as I believe with two 38-year-old players, you can never win a World Cup.” Raja said that the skill level of Pakistani cricketers had deteriorated over the last two years.

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