Who I am?

(Kanwal Naveed, Karachi)

Who I am?It is a very interesting question for all people.I think,it is important for us to know about ourselves but we have no time mostly for research.How we can find truth of ourselves.Many people want to know right answer of this question and I'm also curious about it.I want to know about my self and about reality of human being.

I was told in my childhood that human being is most powerful and precious creation of this universe.They have abilities and powers, no any other creation have abilities alike human being.I want to know,is it true or not.It is also a thought which is given to me from my forefathers that, all kind of creatures has been created for us.

Different people have different opinions about human being.Many people blieve that human being is important because of characters.I can say,I am a daughter,sister,wife and mother at a time. But If I think in a broade way, I am a human being.If we see byound any religion,Every human being have a sprit and body.His body and soul same body and soul alike others leaving beings.

All leaving creatures have a desire for life and want to produce their generation.All kind of leaving being want to survive in this world also long time. Why I am so precious.Why a cow is not precious like me?Is body important or soul?When the life of the organism end what remain?There are many question in my mind ,that have no answers according to me.

May be,It is not possible for the intellect to understand everything in the world but I think main cause of important of human being is his mind.
When I think ,Who I am?This question is made by my mind.I use my mind.My mind give me many answers that why I am precious and important. Millions of books are given to me the answer of my this question (how I am).

Millions of minds before me work for this question and millions of mind will done work for this question after me.Its amazing because I am human being.As human being we create our own world.God gives us his own powers, one of the great power is power of creation.We makes things.

Our famous poet Illama iqbal thought likes that in his poetry,God create mud and man mad pot,God create forest and man made garden.He shows in his thought men is so much important because of his creativity.He is not alike other living beings.He is precious because he know what is meaning of precious.

I find my answer also in a dacomantry, when I see in a national geografic chanel some zebras were walking in a forest.Suddenly some lions comes there.They were hunted by lions some of them.But Many of them they were escaped from lions again eating food and seems like nothing happen.They have no mind like mind of human being.Because of our mind we thinks lots of possibilities.

It is human mind which changes shapes of all things of this universe.We should be thankful of our mind which gives us understanding of everything, not only understanding of ourselves but understanding of God.I can say now, I have a powerful mind in a beautiful body and a wonderful creation of God.I am thankful of God.He is great and give me great powers.

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