Cheating and Exams

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

Cheating has become out-seen phenomenon of all the examinations being held under public sector institutions; however some complaints have also read out regarding cheating in the examination being supervised by the private sector. Cheating is unlawful and unethical means of passing the examination as it snatches the essence of all those students who do resort to cheating. It must be remembered that essence is great importance because without essence the other integrated part is worthless. The body’s essence is soul and without soul body is dead. The essence of man’s activities is the target or destination and without target activity of man is useless. For example, if a rational man has got all his targets and if there is no target and purpose of his life, certainly he becomes deeply bore and there will be no charm in his life – at last he shall want to be dying. The essence of success in the examination is study, research and efforts and success in the examination without essence, does not give true and outreach happiness. The essence of doomsday award is faith, assurance and good deeds and without them man cannot succeed in the Day-after too.

Again, the essence of worldly knowledge and materials is research, efforts and labor and if anything is got from a man through un-lawful means or without labor and research, then it will not give true happiness to the man although the materials and achievement are with him because no essence will be existed in his achievements / success. Cheating is destroying the essence of all those students’ community who do resort to it, although they get degrees / certificates but without the essence. Due to incapability, they face much inconvenience in practical life as generally corporate sector does not accept them also not ready to accommodate them. They are also not welcomed by foreign university as they have to undergo their competitive and professional tests, but usually they have never qualified their tests. Further, it has been witnessed that institutions, even stable organizations collapse if their majority workforces are without essence.

In order to save the essence, all students and builders of the future are advised not to resort to cheating or un-lawful means in any circumstance and try to pass the examination through their efforts, labor and research also endeavor their best to get all things through lawful means so that their essence should remain in sustainable state and they could not be ashamed in practical life.


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