How To Improve English Speaking

(Nadeem Israr, Karachi)

English is an international language and now has been become the only approved language of the world. Through it one can easily explain to the people most often in the entire world. So, keeping this importance in the view, it looks mandatory that without having sufficient knowledge/grip over this language one cannot excel into the fields of education and business. Because only the good grip over the English language gives the surety of success in the present world. Now, question arises how we can improve our English speaking capability. For that purpose I have some suggestions which as far as I think will not only increase our English speaking capability but also boost our confidence level up.

• Watching the English Program into TV: This is one of the best way to improve the English speaking as in this way one learns that in which situation what questions or talking is made and how the response is given. It much depends upon the looking at these programs with a bit of understanding and grasping the knowledge. In some channels movies are relayed with the stripe running on downside which shows those words written on it which are being delivered by the mouths of actors. So it improves the understanding with the language.

• Reading the Comics and Cartoon Magazines: Comic and cartoon magazines are also a good way to improve English speaking as there are pictures of that story which is published into the papers, in which characters speak with each others and this gives also clue to the spectators that what and how should be said in that situation. I think watching the movies onto TV and reading the magazines give the same results.

• Speaking with Others: The most applicable and simplest way to learn any language is to speak with those who speak well. There is very common obstacle which keeps away majority to learn in this way is the lack of determination. In this way, one thinks that if he speaks so people would laugh over his weak speaking and this thing doesn’t let him speak continuously and he stops speaking. Although it is very common rule that speaking of any language comes by speaking much. So, it is good practice to speak English with those who speak well.

I think these are the basic rules which can enhance English speaking capability. There might be some other appropriate rules but in the practical way I think above ones are the best.

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Thanks 4 these best tools to learn English i will appriciate u that u have a gud knowledge that how we can learn another language.
By: fozi, khi on Nov, 19 2012
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yah am agree wid u best way to improve English is to speaking those who know about English very well but they cant speak proper bcz of they feeling shy or they don't have confidence to speak English 1stly we should make environment to speak English or another language then we can automatically speak that language
By: dua, mirpurkhas on Jul, 08 2010
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Although this article is a nice attempt, but i feel it contains nothing new, we've been getting this sort of advice since aeons, i wonder why the writer did not mention the importance of building one's vocabulary, reading helps it always has and it always will but reading with the intent of improving one's vocabulary can do wonders, one suggestion from my end would be to read anything you can get your hands on, underline the words that you think are different or difficult and then consult a good dictionary, this way you will never forget that word, it has worked wonders for me and i see no reason why it won't work for anyone who has the intent and is willing to invest some time.
By: khayyam, Islamabad on Apr, 23 2010
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yes u r right these are the key rules.keep it up.u explained v well.
By: Rana S Zia Chachar., Khushab on Feb, 11 2010
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