High Rate Of Divorce In Pakistan.

(Komal Tariq, Karachi)

In the last two decades there is a raise in divorce rate in Pakistan. The main reasons are:
Lack of sacrifice, forced marriages, greed, Joint family system, difference in social status and one of the main reason highly career oriented women.

Surah Al Baqarah:
''AND IF YOU FEAR THAT THE TWO (I.e) Husband and wife) may not be able to keep the limits ordered by ALLAH, there is no blame on either of them if she redeems herself (from marriage tie)

There are situations in which Divorce is the only answer. Divorce is something which is hated by ALLAH, but it is allowed because there are situations where divorce is the only option. It is not beneficial to raise children in an unstable home. Most of the divorces take place due to lack of communication plus inferiority complex.

With the divorce rate on the increase in Pakistan women becoming increasingly independent often placing their careers before family and husband.

When you get married you enter into agreement to consider your spouse when making life changing decisions and your suppose to love them. There are many people who do(deceive and lie about who they are) Some people are very good at it and can fool the best of us. So be careful for the wolf in sheeps' and the ministers" daughter'.

So many women are getting a higher education is one reason the women wants to achieve more. She wants more education. Younger couples are more likely to get divorced. Waiting for maturity to set in before tying the knot also seems to have its own set of problems, as does waiting for Mr right."

According to a survey most of the lawyers acknowledged that divorce rate is increasing in middle and lower middle class. Financial problems is one of the big reasons for separations. Normally in lower middle class husbands fail to fulfil the demands of their wives, which becomes the main reason of dispute.

Joint family system becomes the reason of divorce in which, dispute with mother in-law is one of the example. Divorce cases are increasing day by day because women from all segments of society are fully aware of their rights. women want to follow the lifestyle of modern girls as shown in television that's why they don't compromise. Family disputes forced marriages and second marriage by husband are the major reasons of divorce. Most of the women compromise only because of their children.

One should compromise by compromising means to give up one thing in exchange for concession of something from the other side. Compromise is the key word to save your marriage. To save Your marriage, compromise to the changing home environment.

It is important that both of you have your own style of upbringing, values and beliefs. Both of you have experienced life in your own perspective till you got married. It is impossible for both of you to think and do alike in all matters. Respect each others views and compromise where ever necessary to retain domestic and mental peace.

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17 Nov, 2009
About the Author: Komal Tariq

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sorry mgr bs etni bat bata dy k agr apki walda apni koi bahoo Ly kr aayi hen to kya wo apny ghar k kam us sy nai krwati ?
kya ap nakhry nai dikhati ?
bhabi my thik nai hon ap kam kro and etc.
mard ka kasoor 100% my sy 5.10% ho ga
asal my oorat hi galat hoti hy jo ek dusri or har dusri oorat ko apna dushman samajhti hy or 90% ghar k jhagry oorat ki waja sy hi shiru hoty hen
agr 4 bhai shadi sy pehly bohat achy sy ek sath reh rahy hon to bas unki shadi k bad oorat aesi chalen chalti hy apni makarion ka estimakl krti hy k sary ghar ko bikheer k rakh deti hy
plz reply
By: mohammad bilal, Lahore on Jul, 29 2015
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I'm married to a very good wife MA for 6 years and have 3 kids, but unfortunately I have to leave her. I've been suffering for so many years on a mistake that I made. Yes it's my fault! I got married to a girl whom I'm not sexually attracted to. I make love to her with my eyes closed. My plan is to divorce, but catch the kids first and then get married to a new girl whom I v more attracted and passion for. U might not like wat I just said, but respect the honesty plzz. Plz pray for me
By: Uzi, Lahore on Dec, 10 2014
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Hi Brother Uzi,1) i think you are cutting branch of tree where you are siting. you are going to destroy you life.2) You can marriage without divorcing her.But remember today you are leaving someone for you desire maybe some is going to leave you same reason. No woman can fill your all desire b/C every women is unique,Lot of people watching the bad movies and want to fulfill there desire with there wife.Just don't wast your time on these thing spend you time in remembrance of Allah and purpose of Life. May Allah guide you Ameen. JazakAllah
By: ALLAH ka Banda, Karachi on Dec, 29 2014
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Terrible and simplistic writing style. This article appears to maily blame the wife which I doubt is the real cause. I agree education and modernity plans a role as individuals will no longer accept abusive or one sided relationships.
By: mo, NYC on Aug, 06 2014
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Jo aurtain Western Aurton ko role model banati hain, tu West orton ka injaam bhi dek lain, Western men unhain sirf use kartay hain toilet paper ki terha aur jab dil bhar jata hai tu phaink detay hain, Pakistan main aisa culture anay wala hai tu injaam bhi dek lo West main jo aurat kay saath ho raha hai,
By: Ali, Lahore on Jul, 25 2014
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The biggest issue of failure is three types of media,s like . mobile phones , morning shows , and stupids drama , this is what my opinion is , and woman should understand her place as a wife and man should take care of her and unfortunately , wife tries to dominate which is usually rejected and things end up is fuss
By: junaid, Lahore on Mar, 14 2014
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pakistani mard bhe kafi khrab ho gaye ha unki mao ne unka demagh khrab kia hua ha k jao jo mrzi karo hum ha na isay control krnay k lye. admi khud mao ko kehtay ha inhay control kro. wow.... kaha ha islam phir? apnay mtlab k lye ha islam sirf? k aurton ko noker bnao un se apnay saray gher walo ki khidmat zaberdasti lo?
By: sara, Lahore on Feb, 05 2014
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what about those familities where mother in law take every control of your life. you are on job and after marriage your husband and mother in law ask to quit job and serve our home. they stop entry of maids because it is now daughter in laws duty to serve. she stuff your husbands mind with wrong and your husband blindly trust on whatever his mother say to him against you? than your mother in law asked his son and your husband dont make a phone call to you what about than about this relation? WHAT IF HERE THE GIRL WISH INDEPENDANCE? GIRL DEMANDS HER RIGHTS? IF SHE PREFER TO GO TO HER CAREER AND DONT QUIT JOB HE IS CAREER ORIENTED OR AVOID FURTHER MISHAPS WITH HER? PLEASE dont misguide the pakistani girls and boys and try to look over the realities? what are the flaws in our society. they think ab ye larki humari bahu bun ker aa gaee ha ab is ki majboori bun gaee ha k ye kahe nahe ja sakti ab hum jo chahay gay is se krwa le gay. majboori ka faida udhaye gay. kyun ka humara beta bohat farmabardaar ha wo ager hum chahay gay to apni bivi ko tallaq de day ga or humay is bat se bharpoor faida udhana ha. shame on being muslims..... humari society muslim nahe hindu ha.
By: sara, Lahore on Feb, 05 2014
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You two are what's wrong with this country. Nothing she said is wrong. It's true that you have to respect your in laws but the mind set she explained IS THERE. and it is without doubt wrong. Respect is a two way street and it has to be earned. I'd rather my wife respect and love me than fear me. If she wants to work who is her mother in law to ask her to quit her job? Treating women like dirt and not letting them work is a very big reason why we are lightyears behind the world. A woman goes to a man' house and he can never repay her for that. The justified thing would be that he leaves his house just like her and start a life with her.
I'm almost certain this comment won't be posted but at least i tried to raise a voice against jahalt in this country
By: The ugly truth, Multan on May, 10 2014
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Sara I think you are not realizing ground reality. Woman goes man's home after marriage. If woman does not able to serve husband's family and husband's mother & father she has no right to live with husband entire life. Sara if all women think like you the result will be divorce and rift between wife and husband entire life. Sara, change your think for your happy marital life.
By: Asif, Karachi. on May, 07 2014
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cool down your temperament is quite hyper and that might be the reason of your failed life , a woman cannot live alone , the biggest reality is that its a male dominated world , you got to accept it , as early you accept the more you are comfortable , AKHLAAQ SE BARH KER DUNYA MAI KUCH NHI HOTA , SABAR SE KAAM LEYA KERAIN KHUSH RAHEN GI
By: junaid, Lahore on Mar, 14 2014
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my wife is controled by her mother and sisters, wants to rule my entire family... she wants to do job whatever the case may be... her jobless step father demanding divorce for her now so that he may live with luxury on 60000 pay of my wife.... pray for me may ALLAH do what is beneficial for me and my family
By: Dr dr , multan on Dec, 02 2013
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same satuation with me. the best I think is do istikhara and take better decision. I have done the same and going to divorse her. just waiting for my child custody as he is 8 months old
By: ysir, dxb on Aug, 12 2015
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bhai ap please wazifa karein ALLAH ap ki madad karega or laga tar durood shareef parhein wazu k saath
By: maira khan, Islamabad on Jan, 11 2014
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In the aforesaid short stories only one side of picture is shown, otherwise many women theirself want to seek dissolution of marriage on fake grounds. It is all due to materialism. it is wrong and wrong is wrong. Aas M Chaudhary, Bahawalpur
By: Aas M Chaudhary, Bahawalpur on Oct, 27 2013
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Assalaam u alaikum,
My mother is divorced and its because her husband didn't used to earn anything. He was very lazy. HE lived off the wealth of his wife's family.
My aunt is divorced her husband used to physically abuse her and after that doze off on sleeping pills.
Many of the Afghan, Pashtun women are having to work as maids because their husbands are busy taking hashish, alcohol, etc and not earning.
Why blame women for divorce? The reasons i have heard for divorce are not that the husbands can't afford to provide luxurious goods to their wife. Rather, there are some bona fide issues in the marriage, like the above reasons or the husband cheating his wife, etc. The reason Pakistani are asking for divorce is because Pakistani men are insincere, worthless and lazy.

I would really like to see some stats regarding what has been written above. And yes, most of the women who ask for divorce must be working women. It's because they are the only ones who can afford it. That doesn't mean other lower class women don't want divorce, and for good reason. Or that they shouldn't.

Now let's see if you publish this comment.

By: Zainab, Sharjah on Aug, 11 2013
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By: MOHSIN, lahore on Jul, 19 2013
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Jo ker dya wohi theek tha , but ab gusa nhi , controll kerein :)
By: junaid, Lahore on Mar, 14 2014
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I'm going to devorce my wife please pray for me. Kaash ke use ehsas ho jata ke main kitna pyar karta hun us se, kitna chahta hun, kaaasshh.. dua karna sab, iske bad zinda rahon ya na khuda jane.
By: Benaam, faisalabad on Jun, 08 2013
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I know a lot of men jo apni wives ko "biwion" ki tarha treat kerte haonin a typical sense, aur unhe kabhi ni maloom hotake unke dil me kia hai, aur jub dilon ki ranjishen itni barhjati hain ke biwian talaq accept kerne ko tayyar hojatihain, tou dukh la izhaar kerte hain ke humaray pyaar nazar ni aya,
By: tooba, karachi on Nov, 20 2014
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Me jaanti hoon humaray yahan its very common ke jo shaks shikayat karay usi ko poora ilzaam de dia jata hai, but vhai apki baat ne mujhe bolnay per majboor kerdia hai, kaash usay ehsaas hojai ke aap us se kitna pyaar kerte , hain.........kia aapne wo sub kuch kia hai jis se aik aurat ko yeehaas hota hai ke us se pyaar kia ja raha hai, did u make her feel special, aur did u just treat her like evryone else expecting ke she would understand
By: tooba, karachi on Nov, 20 2014
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I think first you need to go to doctor ... you are saying that you are in love with her and going to giver her divorce... what a love .huh.
By: Sonia, Krachi on Jul, 15 2014
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if u love her then y r u leaving? ehsas insan ko khud ni hota dilaya jata hay agr waqyi apko us sy pyar ha to thora time den usy b aur khud ko b..usy smjhyen agr uski galti ha shadi krna aur phr chor dena ye asan nahi insan zindgi k end tk ni bhol pata usy..plz try to understand dont leave her alone
By: numaira, islamabad on Jun, 18 2013
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dykhoo ye jrori ni ha k her aurat easa kary bht c achi aurtein v ha plz ap log gernalize na kiya krein thnx
By: sara zoreaz , bwn on May, 05 2013
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salam. today pakistani ladies ka dimagh bohat kharab ho raha ha. haqoq e niswa ka rona ro ro kar pehlay ya mazloom ban jati hain kay ladies par zulm ho raha ha phir taleem sab kay liyae ka nara laga kar education hasal karti hain.education hasil karnay jay bad job or career bnanay ki dhun sawar ho jati ha or is dhun may is qadar agay nikal jati hain kay apni zindagi ka asal maqsad jo kay shadi kay bad apnay shohar ki izat or ghar sanbhalnay or bachoun ki parwarish ko bhi dao par laga daiti hain. husband kafi samjata ha na bhago career or job kay pechay ghar daikho or bachoo ki tarbiat karo laikan agay say answer hota ha may nay itni parhai or mehnat ghar baithnay kay liya ni ki..........................................................ya tamam batain meri biwi ki thain jis ki waja say may nay usay talaq di .ab batain ya pakistani ortoun ko aaj kal ghar ki fikar ni balkay apnay job or career ki khater har rishta qurban karnay ka bhi dar ni..........ziada taleem ortoo ko kharab kar rahi ha aaj kal..........
By: naveed , karachi on Feb, 01 2013
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ok than she should serve your mother, your brothers and sisters? she should beg for her clothes food from you? is it your dream?
By: sara, Lahore on Feb, 05 2014
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On Triple Talaq Or Three Pronouncements Of Divorce In One Sitting: Judiciary Should Implement The Qur’anic Mode Of Talaq
By: Qasim Jan, Lahore on Jan, 07 2013
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bht acha likha hy lakin afsos hy aj ke dunia pr jino ny yh tmasha bna rkha hy.
By: sadia bahadur, islam-a-bad on Nov, 22 2012
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