High Rate Of Divorce In Pakistan.

(Komal Tariq, Karachi)

In the last two decades there is a raise in divorce rate in Pakistan. The main reasons are:
Lack of sacrifice, forced marriages, greed, Joint family system, difference in social status and one of the main reason highly career oriented women.

Surah Al Baqarah:
''AND IF YOU FEAR THAT THE TWO (I.e) Husband and wife) may not be able to keep the limits ordered by ALLAH, there is no blame on either of them if she redeems herself (from marriage tie)

There are situations in which Divorce is the only answer. Divorce is something which is hated by ALLAH, but it is allowed because there are situations where divorce is the only option. It is not beneficial to raise children in an unstable home. Most of the divorces take place due to lack of communication plus inferiority complex.

With the divorce rate on the increase in Pakistan women becoming increasingly independent often placing their careers before family and husband.

When you get married you enter into agreement to consider your spouse when making life changing decisions and your suppose to love them. There are many people who do(deceive and lie about who they are) Some people are very good at it and can fool the best of us. So be careful for the wolf in sheeps' and the ministers" daughter'.

So many women are getting a higher education is one reason the women wants to achieve more. She wants more education. Younger couples are more likely to get divorced. Waiting for maturity to set in before tying the knot also seems to have its own set of problems, as does waiting for Mr right."

According to a survey most of the lawyers acknowledged that divorce rate is increasing in middle and lower middle class. Financial problems is one of the big reasons for separations. Normally in lower middle class husbands fail to fulfil the demands of their wives, which becomes the main reason of dispute.

Joint family system becomes the reason of divorce in which, dispute with mother in-law is one of the example. Divorce cases are increasing day by day because women from all segments of society are fully aware of their rights. women want to follow the lifestyle of modern girls as shown in television that's why they don't compromise. Family disputes forced marriages and second marriage by husband are the major reasons of divorce. Most of the women compromise only because of their children.

One should compromise by compromising means to give up one thing in exchange for concession of something from the other side. Compromise is the key word to save your marriage. To save Your marriage, compromise to the changing home environment.

It is important that both of you have your own style of upbringing, values and beliefs. Both of you have experienced life in your own perspective till you got married. It is impossible for both of you to think and do alike in all matters. Respect each others views and compromise where ever necessary to retain domestic and mental peace.

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The main issue is with media, housewives and watch all type of morning show and dramas and get cought in the main stream where the big agenda is "EMPOWER WOMEN". This is main problem.
And according to it Women want to dominate their life, including his husband and his family.
The only thing she can control is herself and her own children.
Same problem with working class a working lady want to earn more have more and the best.
Which is not possible until and unless you are star. And this drives women to do things which are outside the Islam and utethical.
That's why we see women who earn unethical clothes and thinks she is modern and every around them is paindu.
By: Anonymous, Lahore on Dec, 17 2016
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Men ke extra marital affairs, in - laws taunting, lack of Islamic knowledge.
1 women breaking other women's house are the major reasons for marriage.
By: Ayesha, Lahore,Punjab on Oct, 26 2016
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there are lots of reasons but I know the main one which is the lack of Islamic educations Islam is the complete description of how to lead a beautiful life when we give the rights to a right person at a right time according to law and order of Islam then there will be a happiness all around us..... just follow the islam........ uttar kr hiraa se soye qoum ayya ................. aur ik nuskha e qimiya sath laya....
By: Raees Ahmad, lahore on Oct, 23 2016
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one reason is more ...........a men who get married in abroad ...GO for study visa and get married for nationality ...or the name of pounds or dollars ...how many women live like this..without her husband..
greediness of our youth...who will never come back and do not play any kind of role in our country ...when we ask about,it ....they said we have corrupted country..so why we come back...in all case women is victim
By: laila, lahore on Aug, 06 2016
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Sari bat Allah ke khauf ki hy. Ham khaki bandy hyn sab hi ziadti kersakty hyn magar ye bhi aik haqiqat hy k hmara muashra aurat ki taraf se koi ziadti bardasht nahi kerna chahta. Halan ky deen is bat ka qael hy k aurat ki ghaltiyan maf ki jayn, han albatta mard ki ghaltiyan itni asani se maf nahi kerta deen. Q k wo family ka sarbarah hy. Agar mard zimmedariyon se munh mory to alah tala ko shadid giran guzarta hy islye k dependent kamzor hota hy , jis per depend kiya jaye wo mazboot hy. Kamzor ky liye mafi hy mazboot k liye nhi hy.
By: Umme Hyder, Karachi. on Aug, 01 2016
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maira khiyal hai k divorce k do aspect hain, mard aur orat. mard ki khwahis hoti hai k b.v ghar ki khidmat karay aur sab ko khush rakhay, khaas kar us ki maa ko. jab k b.v ki khwahish hoti hai k mai us k ghar se alaihda ho jaon, aur alag rahon. aur har cheeze par maira aur maire khawind ko control ho.

agar woh wel-off family hain, aur un k saaray family members wel-off hain tab tu aisa masala nahi aata q k har shakhs apne madaar mai ghoom raha hota hai. laikin agar aisa nahi tu chothi chothi baatein masail paida kar daiti hain.

aik aspect t.v bhi hai, ye'ni tv dramas, morning talk shows waghera. un mai jo kuch dikhaya jaata hai oarat usi ko haq samjhti hai, maslan aik khush shakal, daraaz qad, multi national co. mai kaam karne waala shakhs he uska khawind ho. ab ye reality nahi hoti, zuroori nahi hai k aisa shakhs he uski qismat mai ae, is mai woh har mard ki taraf daikhna jaiz samajti hai, isi tarha mard bhi kisi orat ko dhaikhna jaiz samajta hai, halan k ye jaiz nahi hai. jab k jaiz sirf mahram mard se baat karna hai.

agar us ne samjhota kar liya aur us ki khwahis k khilaaf shaadi kar li tu us ko har dosra mard apne khawind se behtar lage ga aur woh apne khawind ko is baat ka ahsaas bhi dilaegi, laikin agar us ne aisa na kiya tu phir woh 20, 30 aur 40 tak phunch jae gi magar shadi nahi kare gi aur us day dreaming 'prince' ka intazaar karti rahe gi.

isi doran us ko har cheeze buri lagi ge. hamei chahe k media ki wrong perceptions ko chohr dain aur qadarAllahu wa ma sha'a fa'l (taqdeerein Allah ne banea jaise us ne chaha) keh kar aur har halaat mai alhamdulillah kahein. aur isi par apne aap ko itminaan mai rakkein. agar aisa hona shuru' ho jae ga tu divorce rate khud ba khud kam ho jaen ge. isi tarha mardon aur oraton dono ko media perception par apne rishte nahi bal kay reality based rashte jald karne chahe.

aur Allah he hamara madadgaar hai.
By: manhaj-as-salaf, Peshawar on Jul, 13 2016
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This article is enlightening us on the big problem of our society, but I think this does not cover many reasons of divorce.
Anyhow, I am more interested to on the solution that how to overcome divorce rate. Might be choosing right partners (it is also a topic for big debate) for our daughters and sons.

I want to add that we are human being and we are capable of adjusting ourselves, so I would say please let your spouse know that he/she is special for you and never lie to each other.
By: Naeem, Kuala Lumpur on Jul, 07 2016
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One reason is the marrying of upper clas girl into lower clas family
By: Ismail, Lahore on Jun, 14 2016
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aoa everyone... i think in my opinion and people i know n i dont know we all know tht girls dont want divorce...and men they think they have power tht thy use as threat to divorce women if they ask for their rights or ask for discussing matter so tht it cud be solved...the truth is every scenerio is different sometimes guys r at fault n sometimes gals r at fault... i agree on this..but u cant blame just on girls...tht th r working n educated thts y divorce rate is increasing...divorce rate is increasing cz we hv lost value of love n famil n respect... we take people fr granted...i know some women who work n take their home side by side... n use their pay in rainy days fr kids n husband n homes... if they didnt had jobs wud thy b able to do tht... i hav also seen guys who work hard n come home to a nagging wife ..... domestic abuse is veryyyyyyy common n mostly by men which is nt allowed at any matter..... cz u can discuss things rather thn beat a person... wel yes i do agree most of cases r inlaws.... weather is guys inlaws or girls....as guys dont hav to live with inlaws so they dont face this trouble alot... n gals face this alot.... yes it our duty to take care of home.... but in our prophet pbuh also helped his wife also did his own work...womens here r either stacked up with their work n just to serve i beg to differ...or there r not given any opportunity to work all household budget is in mother inlaw...n the wife if wants to take control n work in the home tht now its her time as she got married ..she is told or boss aroud to do work lik this lik tht..her suggestion her way of doing the job is nt accepted....ever thought how come ur mother is having household control why isnt she with her mother inlaw... common its just about attitude...wht we need to change in our society is attitude..if boys r said tht thy look or flirt or do affairs...wel gals do it too...so its about changing our minds our attitude not to blame on girls and womens.... man n wife r one soul one body thts what said in islam shadi is kushi nt chains nt a duty cz society will say he is nt married or she is nt married... or m mom said to get married... marriage is to compelete one self...so if man takes care makes the wife n children secure what more she wants.... and if women can make the household work n be supportive whts more husbands want... if inlaws know their own place tht its time to make the new generation to do things their way lik thy had their chance in their marriage n nt interupt in husband n wife issues ....inlaws both frm gals n guys side..im talking about both.. so its just need to change of attitude...bt mostly divorces as ratio wise is more given by guys thn gals.... n try to see the reason behind every divorce of guy n gal..gals usual reason r nt gud provider abusive alcoholic or materialistic or wants to marry another gal...guys reason behind divorce mostly is tht inlaws want him leave her becuz of their dispute wether husband n wife r happy or nt....or wife works......or he isnt attracted anymore...he wants to marry again....or she argues alot or discusses alot....shes materialistic....look at the reasons ..... mostly in my opinion as everyone is entitled to their own opinion its mostly the guys who in their dominancy and anger and ego the cuz many ripples n n inturn gals do it too... so we all women n men need to change our attitudes n nt blame education or work or other things... and get in marriage if one can compromise two sided n does marriage only to complete ur own self rather then cz parents told u or its a duty ...regards by human being
By: human being, lahore on Apr, 14 2016
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I am doc. married to a doc. since 10years having 2kids. I let my my wife to study further for postgraduation and she got in serious affair with colleague. I sacrificed 8 years for her studies and gave almost every luxury and comfort in life thats most of the wives dont get.

Now its real pain for me to live with her so separated since 11 months. Anybody suggest honestly whether to keep her and live with psychological trauma or start new life.
By: Doc, Karachi on Mar, 20 2016
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i cannot say about the real situation with u but what I believe and our elders say also that if Man decides to leave a women , u can probably manage him to NOT opt for that BUT if a woman decides or even ask for that, She had already gone , then LET HER GO. Man cannot live with a feeling of complex and sharing of ones wife. ALLAH KNOWS BETTER. regards
By: Rana Adnan, Faisalabad on May, 01 2016
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increasing divorce rate in Pakistan is due to women education.After knowing their rights women tend to use their rights for their security against domestic violence, acid attacks, rape , honor killing , domestic abuse and the male dominant society is not going to accept that because they have right of killing, abusing and violence against women.They have right to throw acid on women faces, they have right to cut the fingers or nose of their wives. They have right to not provide them their basic need of food,clothes and house.Because women have no right does not matter what Islam say about women right in this patriarchy women don't deserve anything.We just don't need to bury girls alive we are going to make them slaves.We are just going to make their lives even worse that buring alive is just nothing.And of course no matter what Islam says about women right to take or give divorce in our society their is no space for a single word of right for women.Because no matter what they got their fingers cut off, nose cut off, acid throwing off or burned alive they have no right to ask for divorce.she is a slave we can do what ever we want.If a women ask for divorce (about 81% of divorces are given by man by their own will.Asking for divorce by women is 19%) then it is because she was well educated and use her basic right of being human and ask to being considerd as human) so the conclusion is it is fault of women education although she has no right of education and not the right of being treated as human
By: Mushfiqa Ayesha, Faisalabad on Jan, 19 2016
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Sorry Sis, i strongly disagree to your view. Education is the only thing that shows the right way, that shows women about their rights and Responsibilities side by side. demanding only rights without fulfilling responsibilities will lead towards a situation, u pointed. education enlightens a women to realize the things in their true perspective and tells women how to deal with society and situations amicably and in well mannered way way. this is the approach of so called liberals that results in such situations like divorce etc. Islam is the religion who gives most rights to women as mother, sister, daughter and definitely wife. so educate urself, ur daughters and society as only Women can educate society , MENS cannot do this. regards
By: Rana Adnan, Faisalabad on May, 01 2016
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I m sorry but it seems the article is written by a man who lacks to understand the position of a woman!!!
By: Nida Khan, Rawalpindi on Jan, 10 2016
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I'm a woman and I believe in Quran it says keep your women in home means she has full time duty cooking food looking after kids laundry cleaning its not being maid its doing her own work.man is bread earner if both will go out the whole system will messed up.she will fight that she can't do both jobs at home and outside. If you will send your woman out for any purpose she will bring fitnah along with her.protect your family from dijali system. Dajal is using education freedom feminisms to destroy ur home.May Alllah guide us Ameen
By: Aminah, Bolingbrook on Jan, 08 2016
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Asalam alikum dears
i have been observe that the social media play a vital role of divorce and the immaturity is common
so i suppose to say that Media play a vital role in these regards
the girls need a bodyguard in the form of housebound....
By: king khan, Peshawar on Dec, 22 2015
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sorry mgr bs etni bat bata dy k agr apki walda apni koi bahoo Ly kr aayi hen to kya wo apny ghar k kam us sy nai krwati ?
kya ap nakhry nai dikhati ?
bhabi my thik nai hon ap kam kro and etc.
mard ka kasoor 100% my sy 5.10% ho ga
asal my oorat hi galat hoti hy jo ek dusri or har dusri oorat ko apna dushman samajhti hy or 90% ghar k jhagry oorat ki waja sy hi shiru hoty hen
agr 4 bhai shadi sy pehly bohat achy sy ek sath reh rahy hon to bas unki shadi k bad oorat aesi chalen chalti hy apni makarion ka estimakl krti hy k sary ghar ko bikheer k rakh deti hy
plz reply
By: mohammad bilal, Lahore on Jul, 29 2015
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I'm married to a very good wife MA for 6 years and have 3 kids, but unfortunately I have to leave her. I've been suffering for so many years on a mistake that I made. Yes it's my fault! I got married to a girl whom I'm not sexually attracted to. I make love to her with my eyes closed. My plan is to divorce, but catch the kids first and then get married to a new girl whom I v more attracted and passion for. U might not like wat I just said, but respect the honesty plzz. Plz pray for me
By: Uzi, Lahore on Dec, 10 2014
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Hi Brother Uzi,1) i think you are cutting branch of tree where you are siting. you are going to destroy you life.2) You can marriage without divorcing her.But remember today you are leaving someone for you desire maybe some is going to leave you same reason. No woman can fill your all desire b/C every women is unique,Lot of people watching the bad movies and want to fulfill there desire with there wife.Just don't wast your time on these thing spend you time in remembrance of Allah and purpose of Life. May Allah guide you Ameen. JazakAllah
By: ALLAH ka Banda, Karachi on Dec, 29 2014
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Terrible and simplistic writing style. This article appears to maily blame the wife which I doubt is the real cause. I agree education and modernity plans a role as individuals will no longer accept abusive or one sided relationships.
By: mo, NYC on Aug, 06 2014
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Jo aurtain Western Aurton ko role model banati hain, tu West orton ka injaam bhi dek lain, Western men unhain sirf use kartay hain toilet paper ki terha aur jab dil bhar jata hai tu phaink detay hain, Pakistan main aisa culture anay wala hai tu injaam bhi dek lo West main jo aurat kay saath ho raha hai,
By: Ali, Lahore on Jul, 25 2014
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The biggest issue of failure is three types of media,s like . mobile phones , morning shows , and stupids drama , this is what my opinion is , and woman should understand her place as a wife and man should take care of her and unfortunately , wife tries to dominate which is usually rejected and things end up is fuss
By: junaid, Lahore on Mar, 14 2014
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pakistani mard bhe kafi khrab ho gaye ha unki mao ne unka demagh khrab kia hua ha k jao jo mrzi karo hum ha na isay control krnay k lye. admi khud mao ko kehtay ha inhay control kro. wow.... kaha ha islam phir? apnay mtlab k lye ha islam sirf? k aurton ko noker bnao un se apnay saray gher walo ki khidmat zaberdasti lo?
By: sara, Lahore on Feb, 05 2014
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