Pathans Are Fools? LET SEE

(Tahira Inam, Karachi)

1.A Fool Cant Make An Atomic Bomb: Abdul Qadeer Khan Did It.

2.A Fool Cant Win The World Cup: Imran Khan & Younus Khan Did It.

3.A Fool Cant Fly A Jet: Saba Khan, Being The First Female Pilot In The Pakistan Air Force To Fly A Jet.

4.A Fool Cant Go To Space, Abdul Ahad Mohmand (1988,With His Russian Colleagues,Talked In Pashto To His Mother & The Afghan Presidant,From Space) Did It.

5.A Fool Cant B A Squash Champion, Hashim Khan. Jahangir Khan, Jansher Khan.

6.A Fool Cant Create A State Ahmed Shah Durani Created Afghanitan.

7.A Fool Cant Be President Of Pakistan Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Ishaq Khan Did It.

Accept The Reality Before Making Fun Of A Pathan.

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pushto bolny sy koi pthan nae bn jata zuban insan woi bolta hai jha wo rhta hai kashmir k andr kafi tadad ma pathan rhty hai or wo sb local zuban bolty han mra talq b yousafzai qbily sy hai mry abao ajdad taqribn 200,250 sal phly afghanistan sy yha a kr abad huwy pathan qom ki is mulk k lye beshumar qurbania hai ye khita jsy hm azad kashmir k nam sy janty han isko azad krany waly b pathan thy ye jo pathano pr latify bnaty han ye angrezo ki ak chal hai wo ye chahty han k log smjy k pathan bewqoof qoum hai ku k unko pta hai k dunia mai pathano k alava koi asi qoum nae jo uny hara sky mje pathan hny pr fakhr hai.
Muhammad Yasir khan Yousafzai from azad kashmir
By: Muhammad Yasir Khan, Hajira on Mar, 22 2014
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I am pathan but I say we are all pakistani we are muslim and muslim is the most powerful region in the world so we live peaceful with each other
By: ilyas munir, mingora on Mar, 21 2014
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1st of all u guys shud clear ur concepts about Pathans and their subcast(tribes) as one of guys said Miranda khan is not Pathan he's niazi, niazi is actually subcast of Pathans ok?
All ppl having khan at end of their names belong to the Pathan family means they belong to Afghanistan (their ancestors) but a lot of ppl migrated from afg to India or pak and 2ndly whenever u leave a place n get shifted in new place having different language, u wil automatically learn that language n somehow Ur upcoming offsprings might not be speaking pashto but Urdu that's the reason. It's not necessary the one who speaks pashto is Pathan only n who speaks Urdu is not Pathan, all khans are Pathans n niazi, isabzai(yusufzai),Lodhi,Khattak, Kakar etc are the tribes (subcasts) of Pathans.
By: Usman yusufzai, Lahore on Feb, 12 2014
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Ager pathan na hote to bomb blast kon karta.ager pathan na hote to amarica se doler le kar kon khata. Ager pathan na hote to punjabieo ko kon marta.ager pathan na hote to ourto ko kon bechta.I am a right
By: shaheeen, fsd on Dec, 05 2013
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no you are very wrong before commenting on pathans check yourself clearly and the next thing is that the five fingers are not equal if some people do this wrong thing then you cannot blame the whole pathans for these things
By: zohaib khan, lahore on Feb, 10 2014
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imran khan is not pathan he belong from a niazi family . and niazi is not pathan.
By: kingjee, rawalpindi on Nov, 29 2013
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The real patan is Bacha khan
By: Murad khan, kabal swat on Nov, 19 2013
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By: BILAL AHMAD, LONDON on Nov, 13 2013
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Dr Abdul qadeer khan urdu speaking family se belong krte hen ,or meri samjh me nh araha agar wo pathan hote bhi toh kia faraq par jaye ga,logon ka toh kaam hi hai har kisi ka mazak urana,kabhi wo beharyon k peche par jate kabhi pathanon per message farwd hote. koi bhi qaum Allah ki nazar me kam nahi hai sub ko ek jaisa demagh dia,islie bajaye imran khan ayub khan ya AQ khan ki misalen lene ki bajaye khud k ander confidence laye log toh kabhi chup nh hogay
By: dolya, karachi on Jul, 31 2013
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agar pathano ka mzak uraya jaye ga tho misalen tho deni praingi na,q k ap ko srf pthano ka mzak urana ata jwab may yad tho krana pray ga na k who r pathans..
By: palwashma, peshawar on Sep, 01 2013
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AJ tmhari rung nasl qoom zuban or ta a`asub k saray butt(idols)maray paon k nechay kirchi kirchi ho gy han(mufhoom hadith) khutba hajatul wida Muhammad(P.B.U.H)
By: MUSALMAN, cienfuegos on Jul, 30 2013
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today amrica is only afarid from pathan .because only pathan are faced to the neto forecs. Amric loss his mession .
By: adil khan, mardan on Jul, 18 2013
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there are Pashtun in india now urdu speakers ....Einstein is jew and we still now he is jew thats why run from Germany to USA... and Panjab and sindh should back unite to the Inidia we dont care... and we iranic people Baloch and Pashtun should decide our way ... this will happen one day ...every one will see.
By: ulas khan, KPK on Jul, 16 2013
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Pathan is by gean , not by language ..... IMRAN khan is PATHAN with pure pathan gene .....
NIAZI is scattered in Afghanistan and PAKISTAN ..... some speak siraika but this siraiki is not like one spoken by others , rather it is with Pashtoo accent and has many words of pure afghani pashtoo..
By: rehan Khan, Kabul on Apr, 28 2013
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1) Great Mughal Akbar said
"Pathan ko dosti kr k hara sakte ho magar lar kr nhi"
2) Mehmood ghaznavi said
"Pathan agar mutahid hojaye to inki dunya pr lazawal hukumat hogi"
3) Sikander-e-Azam said
"Jung me utr jane k bad Pathan ko rokna sher k moun me hath dalna hy"
4) Indian army said
"Agar Pakistan se khayber ka ilaqa hat gaya to poora Pakistan aik hafte me hamara hy
5) U.S Army chief say
Hamari larayi aik ayse qaom sy huy hy jo jo larayi sy pyaar kerty hy
pathano k mazakh wale post to bht share hote hy aj reality share kerli mene and Pround to b a Pathan :)
By: khanan, shaanxi china on Mar, 15 2013
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1st, Imran khan is from Mianwali Siraiki speaking, Abdul Qadeer khan is from Bhopal Urdu speaking, General Ayub Khan is from Mansehra (Hazarah) Hindku speaking..... so don't change the facts..... 2nd.. don't try to make a crucial thing in the name of cast and creed.... 3rd be a Pakistani rather than Pathan...... (i belong to Attock, a Hindku speaking by the way......)
By: Shehzadeh Khan, Karachi on Mar, 11 2013
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Yahoodi k bajaye kisi ghairat mand pathan se goli khana pasand karonga... Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan
By: S. Khan, Peshawar on Mar, 02 2013
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my question is that (ISABZAI is the subcast of pathan or not??? plz answer me truly)
By: zeshan khan, lahore on Feb, 24 2013
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Yes isabzai (yusufzai) is subcast(one if the tribes) of Pathans
By: Usman yusufzai, Lahore on Feb, 12 2014
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Merey bhaio, karachi ki awam ko bus or coaches k nechey kuchal kar marney waley bhi to Pathan hen, Al asif squire per Manshiat or Weapons sale karney waley bhi to Pathan hen, porey Pakistan men Bomb Blast or Sucide attack karney waley Taliban bhi to Pathan hen, Karachi ki pori Transport Mafia bhi to Pathan hey, Karachi me jo bari bari Bank Daketian kar rahey hen un hi Banks k Security Guards wo bhi to Pathan hen, aap Malala ki bat kar rahey hen us Bachi per Firing karney waley bhi to Pathan hey. to merey Bhaiyon ye bat na karo k falan pathan hey or Falan Punjabi, be a Pakistani and good Pakistani. achey or burey her qom men hotey hen lehaza hamen is behas men nahi parna chahiye, warna to har koi apni qom k Heros ginwata rahe ga or Pakistani koi nahi rahey ga sub Qomiaton men but jain gey or faida koi or utha jae ga phir sub mil kar Puchtatey rahey gey beth kar.
By: adeeb haider, karachi on Jan, 30 2013
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dekho bro agar ap kehte ho k pakistani bano pathan nai kbi ap ne apne irad gird ka mahool dekha h jb koi pathan hota h us ko galiyan parti hain use bewakoof kaha jata h use kia kia bola jata h,isi waja se pathan, pathan ho kar reh gia h ap log pathan ko ehsaas dilao na k wo bi is mashre ka hisa h...
By: daniyal khattak, rawalpindi on Jan, 23 2014
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main pathan hun or muje fakhar hy k dunia main hum se koi gherati peda ho nhi sakta is baat pe muje itna yaqeen hy jintna muje allaha or rasool s.w. pe hy i m proud of taliban i m proud of every pathan jin ki doshmani b apne misal ap hy or jin ki dosti b apne misal ap hy
By: naveed khan bangash, kohat on Oct, 02 2013
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A man is known by the company he keeps, a well known proverb. And a person is known by the language he speaks, This proverb relates merely towards the moral acts. BUT CASTE NEVER CHANG BY JOINING ANY COMPANY. DR. is a great pashton, certainly fact. HE is Now pakistani, but basically afghani by his forefathers, pathans are from Hazrat Yousaf A.S then from Hazrat Khalid Bin Walid R.A during the Holy Prophet S.A.W 'S period. Imam Abu Hanifa R.A was also pashto speaker, pashtons being the soldiers of great Alexander setteled in Pakistan and in the adjoining areas, punjabis have their own histoy, whatever is DR., He is a great Man, done his best for Pakistan, We mean it, if we create the sense of caste in us, we become no more Pakistanis. punjabis should avoid to criticize pashtons and also pashtons should avoid.
By: Abdul Qadeer, Rawalpindi on Jan, 24 2013
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Sab kuch Theek hai MAGAR

By: Muhammad Shuja-Ud-Din, Karachi on Nov, 03 2012
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i hav read all da comments written by pathans and punjabies. I am sure after reading these comments, da HAPPIEST people will be those who are interested in DESTROYING our UNITY. REMEMBER THEY dived IRAQI PEOPLE and destroyed IRAQ , THEY divided AFGHANS (PASHTOONS /NON PASHTOONS) and destroyed afghanistan. THEY divided LIBYAN people and destroyed LIBYA. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE LETS HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE. Such sites r also responsible to ignite fire. LETS SEE U POSTING THESE COMMENTS.
By: Muhammad Ali, LAHORE on Oct, 21 2012
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