Zaid Hamid’s book on Hindu Sehoniat (Zionism)

(Yousaf Alamgirian, Rawalpindi)

Hindu Sehoniat (Zionism) is a book written by Mr Zaid Hamid published under the auspices of Brass Tacks a Rawalpindi, Pakistan based think tank. This book which is in Urdu language not only encompasses the wiliness and cunning of Hindu Zionism, but also highlights the conspiracies, conflicts, and matters pertaining to the deception and trickery that have been employed by the Hindus against the Muslims in the different eras of history. After going through this book, the reader would indubitably be more familiar with the despicable Hindu ideology hidden behind the concept of Hindu Zionism.

This effort from Mr. Zaid Hamid not only draws attention to the issues created and dangers posed by the enemy to the security of Pakistan, but the false impression that (may Allah [S.W.T.] not will so) there is an imminent threat to the survival of Pakistan, is also refuted forcefully and sincerely. The present book is based on those shows by Mr. Zaid Hamid, which were collectively broadcast by a television channel under the title of ‘Brasstacks.’

Those programs have now been transcribed into a book form so that a maximum number of people can benefit from it. The transcription has caused some of the sentences and content to be slightly altered, or modified, for the purpose of staying true to the requirements of language and grammar. Still BrassTacks has taken utmost care in order to keep the general content and message of the program intact.

While this book will familiarize the reader with the history of Pakistan in the true sense of the word, it will also equip the reader with much food for thought. Undoubtedly, the present writing is a unique and comprehensive endeavor in terms of its topic and research work. The book has also been translated into English language for its readers unfamiliar with Urdu and will be published soon.

It is recalled that Mr. Zaid Hamid is a prominent Defense Analyst and Intellectual. He has an extensive experience with regard to matters of defense strategy. He is proficient in affairs related to state and non-state terrorism, national security, practical steps against terrorism, unconventional warfare, revolts and ways to put them down, psychological and information warfare, and dealing with religious and sectarian violence. Mr. Zaid Hamid is a unique writer, who has published dozens of booklets and articles on defense issues. He is also regularly invited to numerous television channels as an expert analyst.

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