Tablighi Jamaat

(Khawar Junjoi, Karachi)

Tablighi Jamaat ("Conveying Group") (Arabic: جماعة التبليغ , also Tabligh) is a Muslim missionary and revival movement. Their activities are not limited to within the Muslim community only, the Movement's main aim being to bring spiritual awakening to the world's Muslims. It is the largest non-political movement in the world.

The movement originally is a strictly non-political movement, with the main aim of the participants being to work at the grass roots level reaching out to all Muslims for spiritual development. The Tablighi Jamaat was founded in the late 1920s by Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Kandhalawi in the Mewat province of India. The inspiration for devoting his life to Islam came to Ilyas during his second pilgrimage to the Hijaz in 1926.Maulana Ilyas put forward the slogan, ‘Aye Musalmano! Musalman bano’ (in Hindi / Urdu) which translates 'O Muslims! Become Muslims' (in English). It is not an officially recognised group or association but a movement for Muslims to become practising Muslims. This is the only movement in Islam which is thought to be the working irrespective of the differences among sects. For nearly two decades, the Tablighi Jamaat operated mainly within South Asia. With the ascent of Maulana Yusuf, Ilyas’ son, as its second emir (leader), the group began to expand activities in 1946, and within two decades the group reached Southwest and Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. Initially it expanded its reach to South Asian diaspora communities, first in Arab countries then in Southeast Asia. Once established, the Tablighi Jamaat began engaging local populations as well. Although the Movement first established itself in the United States, Britain is the current focus of the Movement in the West, primarily due to the large South Asian population that began to arrive there in the 1960s and 1970s. The Jamaat claims that it does not solicit or receive donations. Rather it is self funded by its participants and operates on a very efficient model where administrative expenses are almost absent or taken care of by donations from participants voluntarily. As early as 1978, the World Muslim League subsidised the building of the Tablighi mosque in Dewsbury, England, which has since become the European headquarters of Tablighi Jamaat. Ameer or Zimmadar are titles of leadership in the movement. The first Ameer, also the founder, was Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Kandhalawi (Maulana Ilyas) (1885-1944). The second was his son Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Kandhalawi. The third one was Maulana Inaam ul Hasan. Now there is a shura which includes two leaders: Maulana Zubair ul Hasan and Maulana Saad Kandhalawi. In Pakistan the duties of the Ameer are being served by Haji Abdulwahab. Maulana Muhammad Zakariya al-Kandahlawi is also among the prestigious personalities of the jamaat, as he compiled the famous book Fazail-e-Amal. In Britain, they have gained press attention in their attempts to build the London Markaz, Europe's largest mosque in Newham next to the site for the London 2012 Olympics.

There are many renowned personalities associated with the movement. Former President of India, Dr Zakir Hussain was associated with the Jamaat. Former president of Pakistan Rafiq Tarar, and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif have been regualrly attending the ceremonies. Former head of ISI of Paksitan Gen Javed Nasir and Gen Zia-ul-Haq have had a special soft corner for this silent movement. Famous singers Junaid Jamshed and Abrar-ul-Haq have now close links with the jamaat. Among professioal sportsman Shahid Afridi, Saqlain Mushtaq, Inzamam-ul-haq, Mushtaq Ahmed and Saeed Anwar. It is also widely believed the Pakistani middle order batsman Muhammad Yousuf embraced Islam with the help of the Tablighi Jamaat and Saeed Anwar. Dr. Arbab Ghulam Rahim the former ex-cheif minister of Sindh, and Ijaz-ul-Haq have strong ties with the tablighi activities. The islam has now touched the lives of Sheila on 7, a famaous Indonesian music band. The group is actively participating the movement. Many of the western societies are greatly influenced by the jamaat and embracing islam.

Tabligh in Arabic means "to convey (the message)" and Tablighi Jamaat strive to revive this duty which they consider as one of the primary duties of a Muslim. They encourage people to follow Islamic principles and the life of Muhammad (peace be upon him) through his teachings. Going out for months or years is in the same fashion as the Companions of Prophet were sent out for different durations. Sharia law doesn't prohibit going out for different durations in this way. When an individual goes out to Jamaat, he tries to bring 6 qualities into his life, which were commonly found in all the sahabas, if one brings these into his life, then following complete Deen will be made easy for him..

May ALLAH Help Us in This mission and Protect from the Evil Forces of Islam.

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27 May, 2009
About the Author: Khawar Junjoi

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bhaiyon k sawal ka jawab bhi dena chahunga..magr sb se phle unki yeh ghalat-fehmi door krni paregi ..yeh koi jamaat koi tehreek nahi ha...yeh Mehnat ha....dawat ...jo khatm e nabowat ki barkat se hamen ata ki gae...or is ka krna hmare liye farz e ain ha...
dosri baat jesa k bhai ne pocha k tabligh k zarye ummat ki pareshani dour kese hogi...tu mere bhai ummat ki pareshan haal hone ki wjah hi yeh ha k ummat ne tabligh ko chordya...jb ummat dawat wali thi tu sb se oper thi aj dawat ko chor dya tu isse Allah ki maar par rahi ha...kbhi kufaar k zarye tu kbhi apnon hi k or kbhi nature k zarye ...or yeh is ummat se Allah ki muhabat ha k woh nahi chahte k hum gumrah hojaen..is liye hamen wapas apne Nabi SAWW ki mehnat pe lane k liye yeh asbab paida kiye jarae hain k humen andaaza hojae k mulk o maal se kuch nahi hota krne wali zaat sirf or sirf Allah ki ha !!

jese Zameen walon k Amaal honge ...Asman wala wesae hi halaat un pe musalat krega !! Allah hum sb ko deen ki samjh ata frmae or hum sb ko Dawat wala bnade !! Ameen
By: hassan, aa on Aug, 22 2012
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there aree many mistakes in your report...recheck it bro !!
By: aaa, karachi on Aug, 22 2012
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ther are many mistakes in your report bro !!
By: hassan, karachi on Aug, 22 2012
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aslamlaikum merai name faizulla meri ko ya malum hona chaie kay dwath dena nabi ki sunnath hai mgar nabi ki ummat prashan hall hai is ki madad kar na suunat nahi is kay jwab de muj ko Allah hafiz
By: faizulla, banglore on Mar, 11 2012
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Nicely described the Tableeghee Jamaat mission.

Dear Khawar bhai, Tablighi Jamaat is said to be very organized and well structured. Personally speking I do feel that if the organization of Tablighi Jamaat tries to resolve the issues of National interests, do not you think things can get better for the humen being in general and for the Muslim brothers and sisters of effected areas in particular.

The way Tablighi Jamaat can use its influence to protect the Muslims brothers and sisters of Swat and Malakand and other such areas. I think the life style and way of doing Tablighi Working of our beloved members of Tablighi Jamaat can be very very beneficiary for the nation rebuilding. And another point which i would like to address is the militant are using the slogan of Islami Sharia and Tablighi Jamaat works for the spreading of Islamic Sharia, principles and to bring the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallaho Aleh wasalm and Sahaba into our life.

I wish Tablighi Jamaat do come forward for current crisis of Pakistan in which some elements are using the name of Islam for the depression and opressions on to the Kalma Goaao Muslims.

ALLAH bless all of us.
By: M. Furqan Khan, Karachi on May, 29 2009
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