Only a Lip Service

(Mohammad Rafique, Dera nawab Sabib)

Every year, when the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal comes, a particular Muslims class celebrate the birth day of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Processions are taken out and conferences, seminars held on this occasion where various aspects of the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) are highlighted. But it is a disputed issue whether the celebration of birth day of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) or “Eid Meladun Nabi” is lawful or not? None of the companions (R.A.) of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) celebrated the birth day of him as it is celebrated now-a-days. But there is no example of it even after passing six centuries of the Muslim era. Celebration of the birth day began in India at first by a particular Muslim sect (Brailvees) as taking out procssions in the markets.

But, despite all of this, the question is: whether we have changed our lives according to the teachings of Islam?. Whether we are acting upon the “Uswa-e-Hasana” of the Holy Prophet. Whether there is not any betray, dishonesty, food adulteration, obscenity or bribery etc. in our society? Surely, all these “fair qualities” are found in us. Then there no need to celebrate ‘Eid Meeladun-Nabi’ by taking out processions or holding seminars etc. Is it not only a lip service? No doubt that it is very blessed and a pleasant day for the Muslim community but the correct way to celebrate it: is to act upon the good example of the Holy Prophet(May peace and Mercy of Allah be upon him).

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Dear Muhammad Rafique! I have hardly discovered a few orthodox and so called objections answered myriad of times by prominent scholars acceptable for all school of thoughts and the way you attempted to lash out religious organisation is worth condemn-able.So far as concerned that it is not proved by the companion then kindly read the commentary of Hadith from Bukhari in which expressing his happiness the Beloved Rasul stated I keep fast on Monday because I was born on this day...Alhamdulillah Happiness and gratitude is unconditionally proved by the Prophet. Based on very shallow and poor information you uttered that celebration start from India, have a look at the history of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon almost all Muslim stated you will find facts easily and quickly and you will feel that you are being dragged towards darkness. Celebration of Meelad is a Mustahib act and observing fast on this blessed day is a Sunnah. If Ummah of Rasul express gratitude towards Allah upon the blessed arrival of Rasul by reciting and fasting then what's wrong in it. Whereas those ones who object are themselves corrupt in beliefs and doctrines because such wahabis and deopbndis term Yazid as the prince. They wrtie books in his praising even these wahabis and deobndis do not consider the parentos of Rasoolallah Muslim. See their Aqeedah. Kindly put yourself on write path. Have a look on this clip

By: Muhammad Naeem, Karachi on Jun, 03 2015
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