New Rules Of Saudi Govt Exit .. Re Entry Visas

(Najamuddin Ghanghro, Karachi(original from Larkana))

As per a new Saudi Government directive fingers prints of *all departing passengers even on Exit reentry Visa * will also be taken while leaving the kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the Immigration Counters while stamping the Passports.** **

Due to this new procedure adopted by the authorities it is taking more time & long queues at the Immigration, *most of airlines* have started closing Check-In counters 2 hours before flight departures, so are requesting Passengers to report at the Airport at least minimum 4 hours before flight departure to ensure timely check in and boarding.

Effective from 25 November, The Immigration Authority at Dammam Airport has implemented new procedure that all passengers departing from Dammam Airport have to undergo finger printing upon departure and arrival.

This Procedure is applicable to Saudi Iqama holder with Exit Reentry visa Passengers as well.

*Please advise all passengers to report 4 hours before departure to complete their travel formalities. *

You are requested to pass on this Message verbally while handing over tickets & also inform all concerned travel coordinators.

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About the Author: Najamuddin Ghanghro

I m now Alhamdulillah retired from Govt. Service after serving about 39 ys. Passing ,Alhamdulillah a tense less life. MAY ALLAH CONTINUE IT.AAMEEN

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Reviews & Comments
Sir kia main saudi arbia wapis ja skta huain iqma no 2326220981
By: Rizwan Ali Ranjha, Mandi Bahuddin on Nov, 01 2017
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my father got home from owwa philippines, he will get oec, unfortunately according to owwa office, the visa og my father is expired, but when we look on his visa paper it is not expired, what should be the possible problem of this??
By: nel, cavite on Jul, 06 2017
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My re-entry visa expired on 22 Feb 2017. My flight arrival in Dammam is 11:00 PM 22/02/2017. Will I be accepted or not ?
By: Abdul Qadeer, Dammam on Feb, 22 2017
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If pass 12 upon ur last day of your visa they will allow you o visa expired?
By: Wen, Riyadh on Jun, 27 2017
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I stay in Saudi Arab only 8 days my iqama is not done
Now can I go back KSA and what document need
By: Ravinder singh , Jaipur on Jan, 29 2017
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Salam my age is 55 years old i am inter a new house driver visa it is possible in soudi arabai.
By: hamza, hyderabad on Nov, 07 2016
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I am working in sodia arbia i want to call my wife here for visit visa but i have apply 7 time visa but its not approve why ???plz help khalil ch
By: khalilch, khamis mushiat on Nov, 03 2016
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My single exit re entry visa expired my khafeel didn't give renvw visa my wife in Saudi I. Want to came. Back Saudi what will do ?
By: Anil, india on Oct, 26 2016
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Your issue resolved?
By: Syed, Jeddah on Apr, 19 2017
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I also live in saudi alqseem becouse for live 4 month but i have no ikama and my no medical i have go to from india how can i go to india my kapil is sey that you will be go
By: Rashikh rameez, alqseem on Oct, 16 2016
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Attention please..! Is it possible to go on final exit from saudi arabia while the iqama is expired...? And the company is not renewing iqama. Is their alternative way to go Pakistan on expired iqama??
By: katrina kaif, alqassim on Oct, 14 2016
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Good day!

I am a Filipino and my query is about my current employer giving my exiting colleagues an exit/ re-entry visas even if they're not willing to stay in our current company. Also, our current employer is not giving us an End of Service Benefits. Where can we go to ask assistance so that it will not happen to me when I want to go on exit. Thank you and more power!
By: Aris Marquez, Riyadh on Sep, 29 2016
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Sir can I go Pakistan if I have my passport with me and want to go in an emergency so can I go directly airport and can make exit re-entry from airport Immegration office? As rule of U.A.E ?
By: Altaf Hussain , Jeddah on Sep, 04 2016
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Still we are facing problems in eastern region, we can't go home more than once a year.
By: sajid, Jubail on Sep, 04 2016
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I working Saudi Arabia re entry visa coming to India. Visa expired. I have finger print. I go new visa , any problem?
By: Unni, Tvm on Aug, 23 2016
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Sar mai saudi arbia se vacation par aaya hu aqama visa khatam ho gaya hai kya mai aa sakta hu dusre visa par
By: Khan Hussain , Mumbai on Oct, 09 2016
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I came to India from KSA on vacation with re- entry visa on July 2014 but due to some personal problems, I could not returned to KSA. Again I want to go to KSA for employment, is it possible to go again for the job on same company.
By: Pradeep Kumar Chatterjee, Pune on Aug, 10 2016
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I did not complete my contract and my kafeel send home with exit but I don't no if i can go back to Saudi again ...pls help
By: renest berko, Ghana on Jul, 13 2016
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I'm schedule to go on final exit next week, do I need to surrender my Saudi Driving License as requested by our local sponsor. Tanx
By: Miguel, Riyadh on Jun, 06 2016
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4 month before I came from ksa for vocation but because of bad health I had expired my visa so tell me can I come ksa again after getting new visa ?
By: Ali raza, Mandi bahaudin punjab on May, 28 2016
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My name is Muhammad Younas I return from saudia by labour court case and taken my finger prints in the air port can I go back to saudia for umrah or hajj
By: Muhammad younas, Peshawer on May, 28 2016
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i come in pakistan on sep 2015 my visa and aqama expired in novmber2015 now i want to come on vist visa can i
By: faisal, lahore on May, 03 2016
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Mein sudi arbe se tarhil fingerprints karwa k aaia hoon kia wapis sudi ja skta hoon pls tell me reply
By: farhanijaz, hafizbad on Apr, 26 2016
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