Love to Leader Not Worship

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karahi)

Personality-loving is human’s nature. To love anyone on account of his personal qualities and to follow him positively having made him ideal personality is a healthy tendency; because of a good aim could wear clothe of such definite personality who certainly deserves for love and respect as the character of the loving personality becomes the source of moral strength. Therefore people who desire and have determination to do some big task they centralize such personality of their love which could guide them on step to step. In early age man seeks his ideal personality in his surrounding atmosphere. Parent, elder brother / sister, any kind hearted teacher or any respected senior is become idealized of his likeness and loveness. He having devoted in the love of this personality obeys his orders as basic requirement, which cannot be terminated. On grown up his ideals are also varied and he chooses his ideals according to his nature, environment and fondness. But in each era such personalities who have showed their exposure in big task for welfare of human beings having used their God gifted mental and physical abilities are remained on the central point of love of human beings.

It is determined fact that seeking of ideal personalities and close attachment and loveness with them is counted as human’s nature. However in this context to make personality worshipping as madness is become extremely wise-less attitude because worshipping is only for Allah not for any other in any cost. Such madness puts heavy-curtain on the sense and awareness of mankind and the devoted and dedicated man of this situation of senselessness cannot get benefit with the abilities of his devoted personality. Likewise, people in undue praise also in flow of love and devotion put their ideal personality to an unimaginable domain. It is also a cause of poverty of some nation as they have made space-creature of their national heroes in the madness of their personality worshipping. By way of this they out-rightly lose the accurate familiarity of their ideal personality’s weight and worthiness. On account of emotional tendency, their attitude is not remained legitimate and balanced about national heroes. They, on his slight goodness having pleased made him such supernatural person who hardly finds on the earth and in senseless devotion try to fulfill all his legitimate and illegitimate desires which is totally negative way of reasoning and thinking because this attitude of behavior totally removes the sense of reasoning. Put it mind that ideals are earth creatures and history is witness that only those people proved to be super either they are associated with science and moral or politics of industry and integrity also got the status with intensive labor and self-abilities. No doubt, God selects them for the special task but in getting this status their self-struggle and moral attitude should be counted. Common errors can be occurred by them but aims and humble intention of the welfare of human beings existed make them ideal personality.

Love them but do not worship them and consider them gap-creature. We should only observe and follow their positive proverbs and deeds so that human beings could be benefited with optimistic attitude and deeds. No doubt Quad-e-Azam (founder of Pakistan) was such national leader of deeds and characters who altered the nation’s fate through his determination and believe in Allah and people respect not worship him.

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27 Oct, 2011
About the Author: Syed Manazir-ul-Haq

I belong to Syed Family and at present living at Karachi but willing to settle at Islamabad or Lahore after my retirement. I have seen 50 springs of .. View More

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