Amazing Benefits of Amla


Amla in literal meaning is called ‘sour’. It is also known as ‘Indian gooseberry’ and is enriched with various health benefits that the world is not aware of. Use of Amla in your diet can help in food absorption, strengthen lungs function, support heart health, enhances fertility, helps in urinary system, skin health is maintained, promotes healthier hair, and act as a body coolant, thus adds to the numerous benefits of Amla.

Amla is known to be a rich source of Vitamin C; even one small Amla has as much Vitamin C as 2 medium oranges. Alma is enriched with compounds like polyphenols, minerals like iron and zinc, vitamins like carotenes and vitamin B complex. Here are a few benefits of Amla that we like to discuss in this article:

Improves immunity

Being rich in Vitamin C and polyphenols, Amla is a great source of antioxidants. Research has shown that it has a high content of tannins, which when combined with polyphenols gives the fruit a unique free radical search property. This unique asset helps improves the body’s ability to fight disease and adds to the foremost benefits of Amla.

Protects your heart

Amla is known to reduce cholesterol, and keep heart disease under check. It is rich in fiber and iron; it is very effective in controlling the oxidation of Low density lipoprotein. Amla also helps to maintain cholesterol levels by restraining the oxidative properties of a chemical called thiobarbituric acid (TBA) that induces LDL oxidation.

Controls diabetes and its complications

Significant benefits of Amla include controlling of diabetes. Polyphenol- rich Amla actually has properties to protect the body from the oxidative properties of high blood sugar. It is also effective in preventing the insulin resistance caused due to a high fructose diet.

Slows down ageing

The extract of Amla is rich in Vitamin A which is essential in collagen production, a compound that keeps the skin looking young and radiant. Amla when consumed on an empty stomach has properties that slow down the degradation of collagen and helps the body produce more.

Protection from Cancer

Enriched with antioxidant properties, Amla has the potential to keep cancer aside. Research has found that Amla had the potential to prevent cancer by helping the body fight the harmful effects of chemicals that are carcinogenic. It also helps to inhibit the further growth of cancer affected cells.

Gastric problems

Amla combined with its anti inflammatory properties make it a great antidote for an upset stomach. Having one teaspoon of Amla juice on an empty stomach can take care of acidity and resolve the stomach gastric problem. Benefits of Amla can also be associated with the treatment of acidity.

Soothes the throat

Amla juice can be mixed with some ginger to provide instant relief from a sore throat and cough.

Protects your liver

Amla has properties that protect the liver from oxidative damage.

Food and digestion

Amla strengthens absorption and assimilation of food. It improves digestion and stimulates our taste buds to relish food better. It can be used by everyone without fear of gastric irritations, or increased acidity. It can also be used to ease "too much heat" - a popular belief - in the body. It aids in better absorption and assimilation of iron from the gut. It also acts as a laxative in large doses due to its high fibre content.

Note: This Article originally written on 26 October 2009 by Ata Rehman Zaki, it has been modified recently by Hamariweb Editors' team with slightly changes of data and updated info according to recent updates.

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Disclaimer: All information is provided here only for general health education. Please consult your health physician regarding any treatment of health issues.
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I never knew about the amazing benefits attached to Amla. I think we all must try to use Amla in various ways to extract various benefits attached to it. This article is superb in this regard.
By: Rida, Peshawar on Sep, 27 2017
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By: Asad, Karachi on Sep, 19 2017
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O wow! Before read this information about Amla, I thought that Amla is just handy for the hairs treatment but this article telling me some more benefits of Amla. I will definitely try it for the treatment of diabetes.
By: mustafa, khi on Sep, 13 2017
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I never knew that Amla had such incredible benefits attached to it. You can access all the essential benefits of Amla here online on this page. Extract the usefulness of Amla from this page.
By: Haris, Karachi on Sep, 12 2017
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Yes, Amla is good for the digestive system of human body. Its my personal experience of using Amla paste, I used many medicines but finally I get rid from stomach disease with the help of this remedy.
By: ijaz, khi on Jul, 17 2017
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