The restaurants with the world's most jaw-dropping views revealed

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The criterion that goes into creating a list of the world's best restaurants often centres around the food, the service and the ambience - rarely is the environment outside ever considered. But there are restaurants around the world, often in remote and isolated locations, where the unforgettable experience is as much about the view from the windows as it is about what you're eating. And with idyllic and unusual spots like the snow-capped Alps, the volcanoes of Lanzarote and even the Hobbit film set in New Zealand to choose from, these really are the restaurants that are worth the journey.

Restaurant Le 3842, Aiguille du Midi, France

If you're in the Chamonix, it's worth heading to the Aiguille du Midi.Situated at 12,605ft (3,842m) above sea level on one of its peaks is Restaurant Le 3842, a place that offers unrivalled views of the mountains around it. The isolated spot can only be reached by cable car and aside from a cafe, there is virtually nothing else around. It offers a fare of locally sourced, French cuisine.

El Diablo, Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote

At El Diablo, a barbecue restaurant in Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a feast cooked with the help of a volcano. And before their meal, they can also take a tour of the volcano, which has been dormant since 1824. But perhaps even better than the novelty of a daredevil feast is the stunning panoramic view of the Fire Mountains from the restaurant.


The Green Dragon Inn, Matamata, New Zealand

The Green Dragon Inn is set in the surreal surroundings of the Hobbiton film set, which appeared in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. There almost nothing but endless farmland around the area, until you reach Hobbiton. And then you're suddenly transported into the other-worldly landscape of the Hobbits where the grass is a lush green and the gently reflects off the waters.


Suhail, Abu Dhabi, UAE

If the desert is your idea of an escape then the Suhail restaurant at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara in Abu Dhabi is where you should head. The open-air restaurant, which looks out over gentle slopes of the Arabian desert, serves up an up-scale fare, including meat sourced from all over the world. But it's the view at sunset that truly completes the experience.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Rangali Island, Maldives

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at the Conrad resort in the Maldives is perhaps the most iconic of the underwater restaurants in the world. It was once voted the most beautiful restaurant in the world by New York Daily news and allows guests to be surrounded by the ocean's creatures without getting their feet wet. The experience is perhaps best enjoyed at lunch though on occasions, guests and staff have to wear sun glasses in order to protect their eyes from the sun.

Faviken, Jarpen, Sweden

It takes serious planning to reach Faviken, a Swedish restaurant considered by many to be among the world's best. Situated in Jarpen, which is an hour's flight or seven hours by car from the capital of Stockholm, the restaurant is surrounded by nature. Close by is a lake and beyond it are endless forests. Luckily, there are also rooms where you can stay if you can't make the journey back on the same day.

Stratosfare, Queenstown, New Zealand

Located in the Ben Lomond Scenic Reserve, the elevated Stratosfare restaurant looks over the town of Queenstown and the shores of Lake Wakatipu. Although the views of the lake is spectacular during the day, it's perhaps even more beautiful at sunset. And thanks to the design of the restaurant, every table in the house has a great view.

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