Siri Paye- Where clouds play hide & seek


Beauty of Pakistan is unmatchable! Mesmerize your eyes with some breath taking locations of Pakistan labeled as “Must Visit”. From north to south you will witness geographically diversified locations featuring mountains, waterfalls, trekking sites, rivers, plateau, hill stations to name a few. In this article we will focus our attention towards Siri Paye. Wait, this is not the “Siri Paye Naan Recipe”I am talking about, Siri Paye is an exotic place located in the remote corner of Kaghan, and six kilometers away from Shogran. In this article we will highlight the routes and ways to reach Siri Payee and places to visit.

How to reach Siri Paye
Heard a lot about this place and want to visit it for sure! The question arises, how to reach Siri Paye? There are various modes of transport that can be used for this purpose. You can hire a four wheeler that can trail over a bumpy road or can simply trek from Shogran. The patch is adventurous and full of excitement. The passage is not so smooth, but once you reach there, the hectic journey is pleased with the fascinating glimpse of lush green hillocks.

From Shogran a road climbs through thick pine tree forest to the top of Paya ridge, a beautiful green meadow with stunning view of Malika Parbat. The spectacular view of Makra Top is worth mentioning. Trekkers can also hike to Makra Top, which is around 2500 feet high from there.


Tourist Attractions
A trip to Shogran – Siri Paye will leave you spell bound with the spectacular vision of mountains, glaciers, scenic valleys, lush greenery, beautiful landscape and romantic weather. When you reach Siri, you can avail the services of hotels or rest house. Pine Park Hotels and Resort and Green Park Hotels are popular staying destinations in Shogran for tourists and visitors. While staying there you can witness majestic serene frozen blue lakes, thriving wild flower beds, snow covered peaks etc. The clouds float around the place all day long and give rise to varying shades and hues to flower studded slopes. Siri Paye is the home to large number of wild flowers that blossom in May and August. Children and youth entertain themselves by playing cricket in this awesome weather.

Tourists finds this place as heaven on Earth and they want to prolong their visit once they reach their. They simply can’t resist the beauty of Siri Paye. Every year during summer and winter vacations, tourists from Europe, Asia, and Americas make a trip to Siri Paye.


Siri Paye is a perfect holiday destination fit for families, friends, and couples. Government should give more attention to enhance the beauty of this place. The tourist earnings of Siri Paye are a considerable chunk of foreign exchange. The best season to visit is from May to August. You can book the hotels in advance. Choose Siri Paye as your favorite vacation or honeymoon spot and make your trip the most memorable one!

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There are the great range of high mountains and hills in Siri paye where you reached the green belt area over the top you noted that the clouds are quiet near to your hands, this place is just like a paradise.
By: yumna, khi on Apr, 13 2018
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The best season to visit is from May to August. You can book the hotels in advance. Choose Siri Paye as your favorite vacation or honeymoon spot with your loved ones.
By: Anum, Lahore on Feb, 13 2018
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It indeed a dreamy place to visit especially in summer where you won't get extreme cold and the weather would be pleasent to have fun with friends.
By: Samad, Karachi on Feb, 05 2018
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There are very few places in Pakistan where clouds meet the earth. Siri paye presents a dreamy view of some where not from this world.
By: Gulnaz, Kohat on Jan, 18 2018
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