10 places yus must visit in Pakistan

(Darakhshan Rabdino, Karachi )

Pakistan is truly blessed enough with colors of beauty. It is a paradise on earth, whose elegance is admirable. The country is being in news for many wrong reasons but there is a lot more to explore about its allure. It is a country of heterogeneity, where you can find scenic views from beaches to Karakoram ranges; from metropolitan cities to the enchanting valleys. All such picturesque scenes appeals tourist to plan their visit. This post features some of the most fascinating, famous and some rarely spotted places from Pakistan that you should visit.

1. Fairy Meadows:
Fairy meadows are locally known as Joot. It is lush green grassland located near the base camp site of Nanga Parbat in west. The grassland surrounded by alpine forest is now declared as the national park. The incredible view of Nanga Parbat truly makes it a Heaven on earth.

2. Shandur pas:
The Shandur pas is one of the four major passes that enter to Chitral. Shandur is all about the scenic mountainous views and Polo. You can witness the freezing altitudes that have power to mesmerize. Located 3738m above from the sea level, Shandur pas will give you high snowy ride of peaks.

3. Murree:
Muree is the summer capital of Pakistan. Both the local and foreigners chooses Muree as their priority spot to escape from the summer heat. Muree reflects its charm in its hill spots, water falls, Green grasslands, thick forests, restaurants and cable cars.

4. Margalla hills:
Margalla hills simply known as Margalla, is the hill range base in Islamabad. These are the part of Muree hill range that makes the boundary part of the valley. It’s being proclaimed as the highest tourist spot of the city. Margalla is accompanied with few water falls that adds a lot to the beauty of capital.

5. Snow Lake:
Snow Lake is popular spot for foreigners. Also known as Lukpe Lawo, Snow Lake is high glacial site at Karakorum. It’s being known as lake; whereas it is not a lake truly. People dream to visit the locale but high altitudes makes it difficult to reach there. About estimation only 200 people have succeeded to make their way to snowy beauty till now.

6. Lahore Food Street:
Apart from beauty Pakistan is famous for food. Food that is aromatic, appealing and cause you to crave. If you want the best in Pakistan for taste then Lahore Food Street can be your choice. The colorful setting with the best food will add spice to your life.

7. Deosai National Park:
Deosai is located in Skardu at the height of 4114. It is the second highest plateau in the world. Being declared as National Park it reflects its beauty in Deosai Lake and lush green fields. The land of giants is truly proved to be marvel of nature.

8. Leepa Valley:
The astonishing valley is situated in Azad Kashmir. The natural beauty on display is heavenly. The valley holds the literacy rate of about 97%. The Scenic river locations, welcoming people and gorgeous flora and fauna have created another masterpiece of nature.

9. Kallar Kahar:
Kallar Kahar is located in Chakwal District in Punjab, Pakistan. It is a tourist destination situated 25 km at southwest along the motorway. Kallar Kahar is famous for its natural gardens, Peacocks, saltwater lake and round roads on hill tops.

10. Concordia:
Concordia lies in the heart of Karakorum Range. The world’s second highest mountain K2 is also located at Concordia. Tourist visits the region for climbing or to enjoy the breathtaking views. It is the most loved spot of tourists for trekking as landscapes are rugged. You can have enhanced your pleasure of beauty and adventure at Concordia.

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Kashmir is such a beautiful place where we go only a time, In Azad Kashmir Leepa Valley is such a paradise, we have few photos which we captured, every one gives the amazing background with full of lake and greenery.
By: tasneem, khi on Apr, 13 2018
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To beat the heat of Summer people must visit Muree is the summer capital of Pakistan. Both the local and foreigners choose Muree as their priority spot to escape the summer heat.
By: Danish, Lahore on Feb, 13 2018
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For a minute I got stuck seeking Concordia written on this article I thought its mistakenly written as I only knew about the Concordia located in Canada.
By: Shama, Islamabad on Feb, 02 2018
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These are top 10 but literally there are hundreds of places which can take you breath away. To all the people who haven’t seen Pakistan. Please come and visit and see for yourself how amazing it is.
By: Rehana, Lahore on Jan, 18 2018
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