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The summer vacations had already started so i with the constent of my friends made a program to visit a very historical place Moen jo Daro.Early in the morning on thursday i and my four friends went upto Dokri by train where we buy some pure honey and famous Rabdi.We sat into the bus from Dokri and went to Moen Jo Daro.

We spent couple of hours in seeing its ruins of houses and roads of this "City Of Dead".Then we webt to see nearbuy meuseum.It help us to know about 4,500 years old Indus Civiluzation.We saw a head of bull which is use as a seal.There was a beutifull statue of dancing girl.We studied carefully abiut her costume.There were some agriculture tools in which we tooj extraordinarry interest.

In the evening we left Moen Jo Daro with a memory of the interesting things that we saw in the meuseum which was really a treasure of knowledge for the students of history.

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In Sindh, many historical places are available like Makli Takli, Soon Valley and more importantly the small city Moen Jo Daro where the evidence of smart peoples living were found on around 5000 years ago.
By: raees, khi on Apr, 13 2018
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In the evening we left Moen Jo Daro with a memory of the interesting things that we saw in the meuseum related to history.

By: Bibi, Karachi on Feb, 13 2018
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Moen Jo Daro is still a mystery to many people as we had it in course book that the culture of moen jo daro is very old and yet we cant get the idea how this civilization was?
By: Romana, Islamabad on Feb, 02 2018
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People Moen-Jo-dark had well developed defense system of that time with best sanitary system. But it gives a message that no place or civilization is immortal.
By: Nadeem, Karachi on Jan, 18 2018
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