Your words can turn a loser into a winner

(Shazia Mashkoor, Karachi)

To sit in the middle benches was my own decision, because I don’t want to be focused in front row nor I wanted to be ignored like back bencher. When teacher asked questions, I join the chorus to answer while felt near to die when question was direct towards me. I already knew that I couldn't be first so just learn up to my optimum level, whenever I had incomplete homework I wished for a magical cloak that could hide me from my teacher's arrogant look and sometime deliberately, I drop my pencil and try to keep myself out of her sight as much as I could ....that's how I was trying to be an ordinary student....But then something usual happened. Yes it was not unusual it was a normal attitude of one of my beloved teacher which may be not particularly for me because it was her nature towards the whole class, but I was the lucky one to get benefited. She turned my confidence level on by saying just few words of appreciation; whenever I stuck in a speech, her humble smile encouraged me as it is bucking me up by saying...yes...yes you can do it! And then I proved her faith correct. Now standing beside all of my academic achievements and awards’ shelf I admit… Yes these all were just because of those kind words and humble smile which taught me a very important lesson that a little word of appreciation might workout as a spark in someone’s personality and could design a gem out of an ordinary stone. So just say it.......Yes! You can do It.!

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great lesson in simple words....absolutly correct teachers can change life of students...:)
By: nazia ahmed, karachi on Nov, 04 2016
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The same happens with me...MAY GOD BLESS ALL MY TEACHERS who have polished my skills and abilities.
By: mafaza, swat on May, 03 2014
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yes! alhamdolillah we have such angels who were there to help us at the right time.
By: shazia mashkoor, karachi on May, 05 2014
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i would like to mention name of those two teachers who have great influence in my learning, First one is Sir Tariq Aftab Chemistry teacher at Sir Syed Coaching Centre P.I.B Colony and second one is s Miss Parveen English teacher at Jinnah University Nazimabad. I just can say Jazak Allah to both of you.May Allah fulfil your all wishes Aameen
By: Shazia Mashkoor, Karachi on May, 01 2014
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I am also an old student of Sir Tariq. He taught me from 9th till 12 from 1985 till1989. He is a great man and shaped future of many people. His passion and struggle in life to achieve objectives is an unmatchef example. He had the art to teach and to push his students to learn and remember it. His personality still gives me courage. May Allah bless him and his family.
By: Farhan Khan, Karachi on Jan, 19 2018
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