Prophet Sulaiman (Soloman) alayhis salaam... PART-3

(Najamuddin GHanghro, Karachi (original from Larkana))

Once, Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) was leading a big caravan to somewhere. The caravan consisted of men genii, manner. The caravan consisted of men genii, animals and birds; All were moving in rows in a proper manner. The carvan reached near a valley where innumerable ants lived. As the carvan drew closer, the chief of the ants said, “O ants, the caravan of Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) are coming. Rush into your moles lest they crush you under their feet without knowing how many ants were killed.”

As Allah had blessed Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) with the ability to understand the language of birds and animals, he heard what the chief of the ants had said. He was pleased to hear it. He smiled and thanked Allah saying, “O Allah, I am very thankful that you not only granted me such a big kingdom but also enabled me to understand the language of animals. It is your great obligation on me. “O Allah enable me to become a thankful servant of Yours, value Your bounties and duly thank for the, O Lord, You sent blessing on my mother and blessed my father with a large kingdom and prophethood. O Allah, enable me to perform such deeds as would please You. O Lord send Your blessings on me and count me among Your noble servants.”

Although it was a small thing, it moved Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) so much that he recalled all the bounties of Allah after hearing the voice of the ant. He thanked offer these bounties and asked Allah to enable him to do good deeds and count him among his noble servants. We should also thank Allah every moment for His bounties; ask Him to enable us to perform good deeds and Pray: “O Allah, count us among your noble servants.”

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I m now Alhamdulillah retired from Govt. Service after serving about 39 ys. Passing ,Alhamdulillah a tense less life. MAY ALLAH CONTINUE IT.AAMEEN

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