Natural hair dyeing techniques

(Muniza Wasi, KARACHI)

Hair dyeing is a common phenomenon these days; as you age the graying of hair gradually occurs, while some dye their hair for an urge to look young; others do it because of fashion trends.

The dyes commonly used to dye hair are chemically produced and highly dangerous chemicals are used in them; which sometimes can harm your eyes and sight seriously; other common side effects such as burning, itching, blotching and swelling are often ignored. Sometimes these chemicals even cause dizziness and red eyes.

For health conscious people it is a matter of great importance; they keep a look out for natural coloring recipes and tips. Around the world the fondness to use natural herbs and avoid chemicals and artificially produced things is increasing day by day. Most of the common dyeing technique that almost every body knows of, is Henna commonly known as Mehandi; giving of a red shade to gray hair but mostly people don't like to color their hair as bright red in Pakistan so they go for different hair dyes that have harmful chemicals in it.

Henna dye can be given different shades by mixing different ingredients to it. If you want to give it a brown shade add some gooseberry powder to the henna mixture, add some clove oil as well. Apply for at least six hours then rinse thoroughly. Dried black walnut husk powder can also be added to henna to get a dark brown color.

Another herb named indigo which gives off a velvety dark blue color when mixed with water can be used. After dyeing your hair with henna and rinsing off the residue, apply the indigo mixture blended in water and rinse off after an hour, your hair will turn raven black.

Note: Don't apply indigo on white or gray hairs directly otherwise your hair will change to a brilliant blue shade; just imagine yourself looking like that. One more thing many products come under the name of black henna or mehandi; they are not pure herbal products but mixed with chemicals, look out for fakes.

Indigo is a green colored powder and gives off a blue color after mixing with water instead of brown or black; that’s the main difference to look out for. Hope this article helps people in dyeing but without coming to any harm.

Disclaimer: All information is provided here only for general health education. Please consult your health physician regarding any treatment of health issues.
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Good Article. I want to give you some information based on my very nice experience of buying good quality Indigo leaf powder and Organic Henna powder from Daraz.
By: Aliya, Lahore on Apr, 12 2018
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Where i can buy indigo powder in Lahore aur kya ye hair ko black kar de ga plz tell me in Urdu complete method to apply this hair dye
By: Abrar, Lahore on Dec, 31 2017
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Where we can buy indigo powder in karachi tell me adress plzzz.thanx
By: Sarah khan, ka4achi on Jul, 16 2017
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Very nice Article , how can i get or find Indigo Powder any shop available in Islamabad
By: Naveed, Islamabad on Dec, 31 2015
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where can i find indigo powder ?
By: Ansari, Karachi on Mar, 19 2015
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Where I can find natural Indigo powder?
By: Taimur, Lahore on Jan, 21 2015
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v. nice article
By: saman, sialkot on Oct, 30 2012
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