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Muslim names are derived from Arabia and through Persia, mostly have history of centuries. Most of the Muslim names are pronounced in Arabic & Persian sounds. Although the local languages of Muslims residual country different such as Pakistan, India & Bangladesh.

Muslim names have best thing that every name has good & beautiful meaning. Islam always prefers to call Muslims with good and honorable name. Our Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) always choose best names and tell those who have names with unpleasant meaning to change with good Islamic names.

Birth of a child is a one of the greatest moment for parents but choosing name is a difficult task for any parents. Everyone wants to give best name with beautiful meaning to his child. Most popular Muslim names are as follow:

List of top 10 Muslim Baby Boys Names

1. “Ali” means The High, Exalted One
2. “Arsalan” means Lion
3. “Asif” means Variant of Asaph, Forgiveness
4. “Ayaan” means Gift from Allah
5. “Bilal” means Moistening, Name companion of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH)
6. “Hamza” means Lion. Sour Leaves & Name of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH)’s uncle
7. “Huzaifa” means Companion Of Prophet Muhammad, Huzaifah Ibn Yaman
8. “Umair” means Intelligent
9. “Usman” means beautiful pen, name of the third Caliph of Islam.
10. “Waqas” means A companion, Warlike

List of top 10 Muslim Baby Girls Names

1. “Alishba” means innocent & lovely
2. “Anam” means blessing of Allah
3. “Aqsa” is the name of Masjid in Palestine
4. “Asma” mean Excellent, Precious. Daughter Of Abu Bakr, First Khalif.
5. “Ayesha” Was The Name Of The Favorite Wife Of The Prophet Mohammed.
6. “Maria” means The desiring and aspiration
7. “Mariam” mean pious woman
8. “Mehwish” means beautiful
9. “Rabia” means The present of spring
10. “Saba” means care, In honor of

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Salaam Alaykum, is the reference of the name 'Aabidah' in the Quran?
By: Hidayyah, Ibadan on Oct, 26 2016
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I am muslim and like muslim names🎇
By: sonia, karachi on Dec, 01 2014
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i love and proud to be a muslim and always prefer to islam
By: mahnoor , lahore on May, 13 2014
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My name is MOHD.Faisal whos name of my son
By: Mohd Faisal, Barabanki. up. on Oct, 15 2016
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