The World First Fuel-less 25 KV Generator

(Shahzad Shameem, Islamabad)

Price: 22222/-- US Dollar
Warranty & Free Service 2 Years

The Energen Power
To overcome this problem for the 1st time in Pakistan the new technology generator is introduced “the Energen Power”. The magna torque technology is using by the Energen Power to provide free electrical energy. The major advantage for such an energy source is its permanent type, provides clean output, very cost effective and environment friendly nature.

This generator has high efficiency features that provide performance at almost 500%. The energy generated by Energen Power can be utilized any electric appliance without using extra installation.

This generator does not produce any sort of harmful emission to environment. Yet another distinct feature is that it controls the spread of airborne matter into the environment. The generator keeps working without being bothered by any sort of climatic changes happening around it.

The Energen Power is extremely cheap and produces lot more power in comparison with other forms of renewable power generators. This provides a big cost affective advantage to these generators. In order to bring down your electricity bills and assist in creating an environment friendly future, customers ought to go ahead and purchase these generation devices.

These generators are small and extremely efficient while generating power. Another advantage is that they are made of high efficient material, which does not require lubrication and have less maintenance problems and costs.

The unique property of Energen Power is produce electricity without any liquid (petrol, diesel) and gas.
The Energen Power is the generator without making any noise, vibration and smoke.
The Energen Power ensures that there is no use of:-
• Petroleum (petrol, diesel, gas, kerosene, oil, or any other fuel)
• Hydro power.
• Wind energy.
• Coal or wood.
• Solar system (solar cells or solar heat energy).
• Nuclear power.
• Thermal energy.
• Rubbish/gutter gas /bio fuel.
• Any other electric charging system.

And there is no microwave or any other harmful frequency emission.

This engine can run alternator to generate electricity from 5 KVA up to 50 KVA as per user’s demands.
The Energen Power can run continuously with full load without demanding any lubrication and rest for a long time. The only power that you require is the power needed for turning the disc with 24-36 volts battery pack during the startup. This is the really new revolution in this century.

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Reviews & Comments
Dear .
Ineed one 25kva fulless genset.
Please send me the price along with details.
Khalid Salim
al [email protected]
By: Khalid Salim, Yemen on Oct, 07 2017
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Good evening Sir,
I would like to receive Technical Information,Prices and intensity of noise for 5 KW,10 KW,25 KW,50 KW. I am EMMANUEL Henri : [email protected] FAX : 01 79 73 75 82 I wait your response Regards
By: EMMANUEL Henri, ABYMES 97139 Guadeloupe on Aug, 13 2017
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Dear sir,
I need 12 kv fuelless genset. Pl send me the quotation on following mail id.
[email protected]
By: Sanjay, Pune on Jul, 29 2017
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hello. i need to buy 5 kw generatot. i need the price. my mail [email protected]
By: dmitriy, petrozavodsk on Jul, 24 2017
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Sir i want 5 kV fuel less Generator so please tell me the price and how can i get it please tell me details this is my email [email protected] contact 00923003040725
with best regards
Molvi Rahim Bux
By: Molvi Rahim Bux, Moro Sindh Pakistan on Jul, 18 2017
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Salaam, I am interested to buy free fuel generators between 7 and 12 Kva. Please send more information and prices to Omar Khani; [email protected]
By: Omar khani, Lebanon on Jun, 11 2017
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SHAHSAD, i AM FROM iNDIA, i LIKE TO BUY ONE 5KV GENERATOR, CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT IS THE PRICE FOR THAT AND HOW CAN I GET IT IN INDIA. MY EMAIL IS [email protected] . If it will reach here , I can give you more orders every month. Thank you.
By: BENNY JOSEPH, KOCHIN. on May, 09 2017
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A.o.A i am hasan iqb I want 3 kV generator send me detail and price
It's my contact info
[email protected]
By: Hasan iqbal, Karachi on Oct, 21 2016
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simple and existing technology since the 1990s
By: washington masunga, harare on Oct, 08 2016
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I want 10 kw genrator send price and how to purchase this product
Plz contact +92300/345/5334685 usman hassan abdal
[email protected]
By: Usman, Hassan abdal on Oct, 04 2016
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Very good,Dear shahzad Shameem.sent me details for 25KVA motor.i want to purchase it.mail me
[email protected]
By: Roberto Caro, cartagena, Colombia on Aug, 16 2016
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Need to purchase 10 kv or 15 kv , please send me detail with price and contact in my email
[email protected]
By: Kamran Qureshi, Lahore on Aug, 02 2016
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Pls mail me the price for 5kvA and 10 KVA. [email protected]
By: Ifechukwu , Abuja, Nigeria on Jul, 25 2016
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I want to buy this generator with capacity of 5KVA. Please contact me, cell phone: 0345-2440172 and email [email protected]
By: Muhammad Khursheed, Karachi on Jul, 14 2016
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Dear, Can you sent me 25 KVA fuel less Generator detail and price ,my name Faheem from e-mail:[email protected]
By: Faheem Gul, Karachi. on Jun, 18 2016
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need details of 3 kw to 10 kw with price, qaseem, email at [email protected]
By: qaseem, Islamabad on Mar, 21 2016
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I Want to buy 25KVA generator. Please send me detail info about the product. Please send info [email protected] Thanks
By: Rashad Bashir, Faisalabad on Feb, 27 2016
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Assalamo alaikum sir! Im really interested in it. I juss want a 10KW fuelless generator. I don't know where to and whom should I contact.
if you are really selling this idea or generator please contact me at 03354175146. you can text me ill call you back.
By: zaheer abbas, lahore on Feb, 12 2016
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It's Too Good to be True.
In case it is,I would Love to Buy one.
Capt. Ahmad Saeed.
By: Ahmad Saeed, Hayatabad Peshawer on Jan, 18 2016
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I want to buy 50 kva generator please contact me at 03009224279
By: Idrees Ahmed, karachi on Jan, 13 2016
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