Life is Flower

(sadia khan, karachi)

What life stand for
Last night I was thinking and there are so many questions rose in my mind they need to be answer but some of then. I can not like that: here is most important question in my mind “life”
What is life? What says life? What gives life?
As far as life is concerned life seems nothing but question is too hard to answer.
“Life is frustration, hope and delight” but they all confuse me. Somewhere I read life is 90% how we take it and 10 % how we make it what can i
Achieve for myself. So, definitely I will find out the answer of my question about life?
“Life is flower and love is the fragrance of life” shortly, I can say “life is love”

Life stand = loyal is for everyone.
Love stand = loyal our values everyday.

Love is the closest way to find out our lives. Life has ending point but love has no ending. It can make or destroy our lives. Love is so beautiful emotion whenever we love anyone it’s uncountable, full of sincerity, honesty and loyality.precuious like pearl, strong like iron which makes strong of human. True love gives all happiness of life also the aim of life.
Love does not like a duck that turns other ponds after dry of 1st pond. It looks like lotus.

However, life and love both are created by ALLAH life can not exist without love because life exists in the world by the love.

Being a Muslim, life describes his self “the duration between azan and namaz”is called life.

We will definitely achieve the real happiness of life because, it is not a big deal how long we live, but how. Think and decide where we are standing in life.

Love and life poem:
Love is life.
Love rare the distance of two hearts.
Love is one person of all mankind.
Love is inexpressible feelings between two hearts.
Love is yes or no.
Love makes the life beautiful.
Love opens the gate of happiness.
True love never dies.
Love gathered two hearts forever.
Love is necessary for life.


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thank u very much afshan thnx once again
By: sadia khan, karachi on Aug, 09 2011
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Asalam alekum yes true love is life and without love our lives are incompelete.Allah loves us so He makes lots of things for us So if we pray namaz and thanks to Allah He will be happy with us.And love to all the human beings because Allah will ask soon that what we done so Hooqooq al hibad is most important thing do the best .I like your poem very much just keep it up.LOVE IS A NECESSARY FOR LIFE.
By: Afshan Rahman, Chicago usa on Aug, 09 2011
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say something so that i can ractify my self.
By: sadia khan, karachi on Aug, 08 2011
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