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02July,2011 at Alhmra Hall II Lahore

''With the grace of Allah I'm go'na to deliver the resolution of stability of Pakistan (resolution Istehkam-e-Pakistan) after 70 years of the resolution of Pakistan 23rd march 1940.'' Syed Ali Raza (chairman tehreek-e-Istehkam-e-Pakistan)

Pakistan came into being 14th of august 1947.In these 64 years we've gained and lost a lot of things but our destiny is still far away. Always, international conspiracies have made un stable the most important country(Pakistan) of the region.We've all natural resources, we have four seasons and we've fair and hard working people instead of this our people are facing a lot of problems. Energy crisis, unemployment, distrustful political conditions and bomb blasting are destroying our peace and calm. It feels that a traveler has lost his way but he is trying to fast and fast, but he is not finding a way to anywhere. Although Pakistani bankers, industerlists, doctors, engineers, scientists have proved their abilities and whole world have admired them. Unfortunately, when these people enter in Pakistan present system does not improve and admire their abilities. Corruption is not only swallowing our dreams but it has become a constant source of danger in future for our new generation. In such a situation those moments remember when resolution of Pakistan had delivered in Lahore. According that resolution, two main nations of subcontinent had their own identification especially Muslims of subcontinent wanted a separate homeland because they did not want to destroy their culture and religion traditions. So, after lot of scarifications we achieved Pakistan but it is a sad full fact that now Pakistanis are weeping, sobbing and bearing unbearable troubles. Instead of this our people are very patriot. They get nothing except lame promises of the rulers. Greedy rulers are swallowing the rights of innocent people. This situation has created a great disappointment for all Pakistanis. People want the solutions of their problems. But how? It is a question which rises in minds. It needs that we should try to solve the problems without any discrimination. We should try to know the reasons of poverty instead finding the poor. We should develop the economy but without our interest. We can bring all these reforms but under a strong and fair leadership. Our leaders have no care and love for the people, they've no interest to solve the problems of common man but they make marries and enjoy their lives under those resources which are the right of common man. We should not see the corruption; we should try to wipeout the reasons of corruption. To solve these problems ''Tehreek-e-Istehkam-e-Pakistan'' held a ''Istehkam-e-Pakistan conference’ ‘in Al-Hamra 2.In this conference, chairman tehreek-e-Istehkam-e-Pakistan Syed Ali Raza, chief justice (Retd.)Main Allah Nawaz, Brg.Farooq , Khalid Ahmad, Najeeb Ahmad, Prof.Arshad Shaheen , M.nadeem bhatti, Rehmat-u-llah javed, Dr.Syed Shabih-ul-hassn , mrs.nargis zaman, Miss nighat gill, miss Lubna hussain shah,Mehr shahbaz,Tanveer hussain,Mian shabir Ahmad,Saleem butt,Dr.Kashif,Alama Ibtasam ilahi Zaheer , Alama dr.Raghib Naeemi, Molana Rashid bhatti, azhar masood bhatti,Tasneem Noorani,Shazia fahd,Roobinas Ashraf,Kanwal Naseer(MPA),Mian Kamran saif,Yousaf daryab,Dr.Shahid Raza and other scholars, poets, writers, critics, columnists, Industrialists, Traders, Bur crates, Lawyers and actors participated in this conference. This splendid conference started with the verses of Holy Quran & Naat-e-Rasool (SAW). Dr.Ahsan (Editor daily Abtak/Dir.Abtak Tv chanle) delivered reception speech. All scholars and others agreed and praised the ideology of Syed Ali raza. They believed that extra protocol of the rulers is not good and it is destroying trust of the people. Syed Ali Raza (chairman Tehreek-e-Istehkam-e-Pakistan) delivered the ''resolution of tehreek-e-Istehkam-e-Pakistan'' after 70 years, the resolution of Pakistan 23rd march 1940. The important clauses of tehreek-e-istehkam-e-Pakistan are:

Equality: If we want to run a democratic system then we should abolish the inequality.

The rights of ruler and public are same and equal. All Pakistanis are equal. The rulers will choose the national (local) hospitals for treatment and their children will get education from Pakistani institutions because all Pakistanis are equal.

Free Judicial: Judicial will free for every decision. It will not be possible to capture.

The judicial system. We'll make such policies in which judicial will be free from all political pressures. We'll not be appointing such a person as justice who belongs with any political party.

Education: We'll bring reforms in education and the budget of education will increase 100% in two years. We'll establish vocational institutions. We'll build universities. We'll introduce latest educational system. The poor and the rich will have same opportunities. We'll provide free education till metric. For higher education, we'll announce scholarships for needy, orphans and talented students.

Health: We'll work in health department on emergency basis. We’ll have to increase100% Health budget so that every Pakistani have the right of free treatment. Government will send the doctors to other countries for learning latest methods of treatment.

Reconstruction of Institutions: Public service system will introduce to abolish the Bur crates system. We'll introduce new system for police. We'll make profitable those institutions which are running in loss. Responsible authorities who will not full fill the targets. We'll send those homes with golden shake hand.

Peace: To finish the terrorism we'll gather all ''Maktaba fikr''on single plate form. We'll Abolish in inferior complex in the people and improve their lives to provide them opportunities to earn the livelihood.

Unemployment: Latest education will be given by the youngsters to get good jobs.

We'll train them from school level. It is necessary to finish the 'coat is' on constant basis. New public service system will be established thus we'll provide the rights of youngsters.

Provisional freedom: it is necessary to establish new provinces for better Management. It will help to improve the national unity. Provinces will be free and roility will be given the provinces on minerals.

Economy: All minerals and natural resources of Pakistan will be used in next 5 years.

We'll make such policies the price of dollar will be reduced. The debts will be paid in ten years. The wages will be given weekly basis instead of monthly base.

Self Respect & human rights: Every Pakistani will have same rights like American citizens in America or British citizens in Britain. We'll be given proper representation of women in every place. We'll be given complete freedom by the minorities and no one will be permitted to exploit their rights.

Price Control: We'll introduce price control act It will manage the prices of goods in Every where will have to same without permition of regulatory authorities the prices of goods cannot be increased?

Industry & agriculture: Pakistan industry will make with latest equipments. New Industries will be given relaxation in taxation and electricity will be provided free for a year. The providence of gas will make sure. The resources of raw material will be produced in Pakistan. The stability of Pakistan industry, The expenditure of import will be reduced export will be increased. Land reforms will be done; freedom will be given by the farmers. Their standard of wages will make equal to urban laborers. Loans will be provided but without any interest. All this will be done for the prosperity of the farmers. Latest technology will be provided to plough.

Foreign policy: We'll make brotherhood relations with all countries but will have Equal status for Pakistan's better reputation, it will reconstruct the system of ambassadors. They will have to play important role in our economy.

Kashmir & Jonah garrh: Kashmir is the part of Pakistan. We'll do every thing Make everything to make it our part. For the justice of Jonah garrh's people we'll fight the case state of Jonah garrh.

Responsibilities of rulers: Allah is the greatest ruler and Quaid-e-Azam will be Considered the head of state. We'll have to adopt simplicity and follow the Quaid's words. VIP culture will have abolished. Rulers will have responsible for every bagger and unemployed. The rulers will not be elected more than 2 times and he will not be appointed for any high post.

Energy Crisis: It will be taken radical steps to solve electricity and gas Crisis. Load shading will be ended in 2 years. Alternative resources will be introduced and also introduced latest system in which we can call help to china and Iran.

Accountability: It will be done accountability be returned back which have been looted for 64 years. The lands which are allotted without merit will be taken back the debtors will have paid debts/loans to banks.

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