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Qari Shahid MahmoodLatest collection of Qari Shahid Mahmood Naats are available online free for users to listen and download. Qari Shahid Mahmood is well-renowned Naat Khu’wan of Pakistan. He is popular among Pakistani masses due to his great and sweet voice of reciting Punjabi Kalam. He is the first Punjabi accent Naat Khu’wan of Pakistan. His most famous Naat “Dou Meema and E Sarkaar Ki Parta Hoon Main are eminent popular among young generation of Pakistan. He has been attended several Live Naat Mehfil in many countries and performed his best in all competitions. Qari Shahid Mahmood Naats Pukaroo Ya Rasoolalah Ya Habiballah is a well-known Naats in all fields. He is considered the best performer as a Sanna Khu’wan.

HamariWeb provides the latest collection of Qari Shahid Mahmood 2015 Naats online to their users. This page gives you access to the Qari Shahid Mahmood New Naats updated on regular basis. This Ramadan you will be able to listen the exclusive Qari Shahid Mahmood 2015 new Naats including Zinda Hain Zinda, Mera Murshid Sohna, Maawan Ne, and Jholiyan Murada Wali to name a few.

You can listen and see the Qari Shahid Mahmood Video Naats available on our website. We offer our users an opportunity to download New Qari Shahid Mahmood Mp3 format Naat video and audio for their suitability. Find the Qari Shahid Mahmood new Album online on HamariWeb.com. You can also provide your feedback about Qari Shahid Mahmood 2015 Naats by commenting on the page

 Qari Shahid Mahmood Naats

Zinda Hain Zinda  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Mera Murshid Sohna  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Maawan Ne  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Karam Kamai Sai Ya Ne  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Jholiyan Murada Wali  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Allah Hu Allah Hu  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Allah Da Sohna Yaar Aagaya  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Aagaey Aagaey Aaqa  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Zamanay Mein Sab Se  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Ya Rub Meri Soyi Hui Taqdeer  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Ya Nabi SallAllah Pyaray Nabi  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Waay Tujhay Waay Dholi  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Uth Maa Ghar Chaliye  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Tere Rauzay Tou Aavan Mein  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Sohriyan Karam Kamaday  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Sohnra Madinay Wala  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Sohna Muhammad Saaray  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Sohna Duniya Te Aaya Yaro  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Pegham Saba Lai Hai  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Peeran De Peer Yaro  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Nabi Ka Naam Kafi Hai  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Nabi Ka Jhanda Le Kar Niklo  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Milad Hum Manayeingay  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Lagiyan Ne Maujaan  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Jashn Manao Yaar  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Har Zabaan Pe Charcha Hai  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Har Paasay Paiyaan  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Hai Largayan Tor  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Barkata Wala Mahina Aagaya  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Aya Kamli Wala  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Allah Sohnriya  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Aankhon Ko Woh Pur Kaif  by  Qari Shahid Mahmood 
Reviews on Qari Shahid Mahmood Naats
Zamanay Mein Sab Se

Mashalla very nice naat

Arslan , Unknown Mon 30 May, 2016
Mera Murshid Sohna

Mashallah mera mursid shona

Ali Gujjar , Islamabad Sun 22 May, 2016
Peeran De Peer Yaro

Veri good

hamid raza , lhr Thu 12 May, 2016
Sohna Duniya Te Aaya Yaro

Boht achay

Mudasssar , Zafarwal-Mala Sun 08 May, 2016
Sohnra Madinay Wala

Masha Allah boohat khub Allah pak ki awaz m or barkat dy

Zesham Alvi , Multan Mon 02 May, 2016
Jholiyan Murada Wali

Favrouite browser

Umer , Faisalabad Thu 28 Apr, 2016
Maawan Ne

In the regional language, Qari Shahid Mahmood is the naat khuwan who pronounce all the words clearly that is why I collect many of his naat from this page.

Raza , multan Wed 27 Apr, 2016
Maawan Ne

Maa di shan

rayan , burewala Sun 17 Apr, 2016
Waay Tujhay Waay Dholi


M.mudassar , lahor Sun 17 Apr, 2016
Aagaey Aagaey Aaqa

Geo Qari sab

yasir , sody gujjar Sun 10 Apr, 2016
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